must de Cartier Tank SM / LM

Cartier Must Tank SM / LM is in stock.

Mast tank SM size is 3 and LM size is 2.

Mast tank SM size is ivory roman for all three.

Mast tank LM size is vertical roman and ivory roman.

The case has been re-plated. A thin film of nickel is plated on 925 silver, and 18-karat gold is plated on it.

This method is very laborious and costly, but it is hard to darken or discolor, so you can use it in a beautiful state for a long time.

The difference is that the appearance (state) of the case is clean and good.

Cartier must de Tank I think there are many people who prefer the ivory Roman dial.

Roman numeral index with blued steel hands and ivory-colored dial. A basic simple design is fine, isn't it?

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