Rolex Cellini 3807 18K YG Champagne dial is sold out.

You ordered from the Web. thank you.

It's so beautiful that you can't think of a watch manufactured in the early 1970s.

The size of a tonneau-type watch is especially important. It's hard to feel this size. After all, Cellini around the 1970s is good.

The secret of Cellini's thinness is thanks to the thin and small hand-wound movement.

This watch contains Cal.1600, but as the age goes on, the movements used will change to Cal.1601 and Cal.1602.

There is no big difference between Cal.1600 and Cal.1601, but only minor changes such as the number of stones are different.

I don't know what to use normally, so don't worry, it's not a good or bad story because it contains any movement.

It's just a picture of a dress watch. Thinness that does not get caught in the sleeves of shirts.

Don Pisha's watch when wearing a shirt or knit.

It's a watch with a gold case, but it doesn't feel nasty at all, and it has a glossy and mature atmosphere.

This classical and simple design is like a model of a watch that can be used forever without getting tired.

Can you see that the case is finished with a satin finish facing the center? Such a small part is the great part of a luxury watch.

It's only this thick. It's thin and light so you won't get tired of wearing it.

A genuine buckle (gold-plated) was attached. Changing the color of the belt creates a different atmosphere, so it's fun to find and wear your favorite belt.

This will be handed over after the overhaul is completed, so please look forward to the completion of the overhaul.

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