Change Cartier Tank to D buckle

Introducing the change to the D buckle, which is often requested in Cartier tanks.

I think the advantage of the D buckle, which is not found in ordinary leather belts, is that it does not easily fall when worn.

You can also wear a genuine buckle.

A normal leather belt may fall when you put it on.

Have you ever dropped it at this stage?

Wear it on your desk or on a soft material so that you can drop it.

It's a daily thing, so you have to be careful. The most common cause of failure is the case where the product is dropped and damaged when it is installed.

With a D buckle, it will not fall because it gets caught in your arm like this.

When folded and snapped on, it looks like this.

The appearance of the front of the watch is the same for both ordinary leather belts and D buckles.

It's hard to see the structure of the D buckle in detail.

This part will be folded. By the way, "D" of D buckle is D of Deployant.

For details, search the French dictionary.

The design of this buckle feels like Cartier.

There are two types of genuine D buckles, gold-plated and solid gold, but the prices are completely different.

The solid gold D buckle is about 2 to 3 times as much, so if you are not particular about it, I think that gold plating is enough.

If your watch has a solid gold case, a solid gold D buckle is better.

The leather belt for the D buckle is a little special unlike the normal belt.

Please note that the belt for the D buckle can only be used for the D buckle, so it cannot be reused elsewhere.

The length can be adjusted with the metal fittings on the opposite side of the buckle.

Adjust the length by folding it back on the metal fittings. (The left part in the photo)

For details on how to install it, see Cynthia's page, which sells CASIS. (Albitro is a CASIS authorized dealer)

As a budget when you want to change the Cartier tank to a D buckle, please consider about 35,000 yen + tax including the belt and D buckle (gold-plated).