IWC Yacht Club is one of the recommended vintage watches that can be used safely even in the summer.

The reason is that it can be used with confidence because it is especially waterproof among vintage watches. (It is limited to a well-maintained watch.)

Highly waterproof screw-down back cover, waterproof fish crown, sturdy and highly efficient Pellaton A case designed by the self-winding movement Gerald Genta.

The case size is 36mm, which is just the right size. The yacht club of Bin Tage has a convenient size and a simple design that does not make you feel uncomfortable in any style or situation.

The case design of this yacht club, which is extremely simple, is Gerald Genta. It is designed so that it does not get caught in the sleeves of the shirt, which is close to the Omega C line case, and you can feel the unique "luster" and "sex appeal" while scraping off unnecessary things.

"SCHAFFHAUSEN" When read in Japanese, SCHAU ESSEN.
The name of the place where IWC is located, based in Schaffhausen near the German border.

By the way, the movement of the yacht club is a highly reliable Pellaton type because it efficiently winds the mainspring and has few breakdowns even in the vintage. The Pellaton type is a self-winding mechanism developed by the watchmaker Albert Pellaton, who was the design director of IWC in the 1950s.

From the first developed Cal.85 to the final Cal.854, the basic design is almost the same.


This watch movement Cal.8541B is an improved version of Cal.8541 with a date display based on Cal.854.

The crown (commonly known as the fish crown) with the fish mark indicating waterproofness is also a point. It's a design that the current model doesn't have, so it looks like a vintage ◎ I like this cute design.

A watch with a complete design, color and size of the dial and case.

Although it has a dress-like atmosphere, it has a waterproof case, and the movement is truly IWC, so it is sturdy and has good winding efficiency.

Do you mean a watch that can be used for all rounds? I think.