"Polar" is the nickname given to the white dials of Ref.16570 and the previous model Ref.16550 in English-speaking countries, meaning "Antarctic".

I'm not sure how it was called, but because of the Rolex ad at the time claiming it was a watch worn by Antarctica and the white dial like Antarctica, it's like this. It seems to be called.

Explorer, a model developed for explorers who challenge unexplored lands.

The Explorer II was first created in 1971 as a high-end model with enhanced functionality and robustness for the Explorer I.

As a watch intended for use in extreme environments where day and night are indistinguishable, such as in polar regions and cave exploration, the biggest feature is that it is equipped with a 24-hour display bezel and 24-hour hands.

The second model in 1988 has undergone a major design change and is now the base. In addition, the GMT function is also installed, making it possible to display the time in two countries.

This watch is Ref.16570, which is the third model of Explorer II. The movement has changed from the second model, further improving accuracy and stability.

A long-selling product sold from 1991 to 2011, it is the last model with a 40mm case size.

The next model, Ref.216570, is also the current model and has been enlarged to 42mm.

A Rolex sports model that can be used with confidence in all seasons such as rainy days and sweaty seasons.

For those who don't want to wear it with people, this Explorer II White Dial is recommended.