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修理職人の仕事 - Arbitro

Repair craftsman's work

The most important repair and maintenance when using a vintage watch.

As with cars, I think most people don't know anything about machines when it comes to everyday use.

Watches are precision machines in which small gears are intertwined with each other, so maintenance is especially important.

There is an article about the work of Airy's, one of the craftsmen that Albitro mainly asks for such repairs.

I would like to briefly introduce Mr. Airy's.

Airy ’s is a first-class watch technician who has been repaired for many years at Cares and Evans, which are famous for vintage watches.

As well as repairing watches, polishing has been done for many years, so the technology for polishing cases etc. is top notch.

To explain roughly the procedure for repairing a watch ... (Please see the photo below for the continuation)

Click the photo to see the article covering Airy's.

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