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Wrist shot Vintage Watch - Arbitro
Watch Review

Wrist shot Vintage Watch

I often see pictures of the watch alone, but I rarely see the pictures I actually wear. It looks good as a thing, but how about the size? I'm worried about that.

At Albitro, I try to shoot as much as possible (wrist shot). I would be grateful if you could refer to it when purchasing. (The arm circumference of the model is 16.5 cm)



Model: Triple Calendar Moon Phase
Reference: 6818
Year: Late 1980s
Movement: Hand-Wound Cal.L492.2
Case: 32mm
Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Lug Width: 17mm
Includes: Cayman Leather Strap (Brown), Longines Genuine Buckle

32mm small size Longines Triple Calendar Moon Phase 18K YG. It's a triple calendar that tends to look noisy, but it's just right because it has a size of 32mm and a design and color balance with an appropriate margin.

18K solid YG case with classic crown and rug design ◎ It is a good point that it is a brand that anyone who likes longines vintage watches can understand. It is such a watch that if you have such a watch, it will be "good taste".


Model: "Les Essentielles" Collection
Ref: 33103 / 000J-2
Year: 1992
Movement: Hand Wound Cal.1003 / 2
Case: 31mm
Thickness: 4.6mm
Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Lug Width: 17mm
Includes: Leather Case, Genuine Leather Strap, 18K Gold Genuine Buckle, Extract from the Archives

Vacheron Constantin Reef.33103 Extra Flat 18K YG. With a diameter of 21 mm and a thinness of 1.64 mm, the thinnest hand-wound movement is only 4.6 mm thick even with the case inside. The impression I put on is really thin. Thin and light. It's so light that you don't feel like you're wearing it.

Since it is a manual winding, there is no need to worry about insufficient winding, and it is OK if you wind it fully before using it. If you think about it for everyday use, I think it's better for people who do most of the desk work, talk in public, and mainly have meetings. (Considering waterproofness)

White dial with Roman numeral index and leaf hand. It's like a dress watch that is extremely simple. The size of 31mm is also very good. A little small dress watch is fashionable.



Brand: SEIKO
Model: Professional Diver 300m
Ref: 6159-7001
Year: 1969
Movement: Self-Winding (Automatic) Cal.6159A
Case: 44mm
> Material: Stainless Steel
Lug Width: 19mm
Bracelet: Crack Textured Leather Strap (Calf)
Includes: Watch Only

Seiko Professional Diver 300m released in 1968. It is called a 300m diver among watch lovers. Sometimes you feel like wearing a stubborn diver. I want 3 books with different genres according to the TPO.

This 300m diver, also known as the model worn by Naomi Uemura and Teruo Matsuura of the 1970 Japanese Alpine Club when climbing Mt. Everest, only has its toughness and historical story. Not the point that the size and design are excellent

Because it is a one-piece case, it is safe in terms of water resistance, and the mineral glass windshield and screw-down crown are more suitable for everyday use.

I feel that it is better to actually take a diver's watch and wear it than to see it in the picture. As with the Rolex Submariner, the feeling and comfort of wearing it becomes apparent as you use it every day.

It is a domestic brand that tends to be underestimated, but in all aspects such as the story, movement and design of the watch, this is a really good watch, so I think it is a good watch to have.

It changed completely, and next is AUDEMARS PIGUET CLASSIQUE 4029 YG CHAMPAGNE LINEN DIAL


Model: Classique
Ref: 4029 BA
Year: 1977
Movement: Hand-Wound (Manual) Cal.2090
Case: 33.5mm
Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Lug Width: 18mm
Bracelet: Alligator Leather Strap (Dark Brown)
Includes: Extract from Archives (Only PDF file, not printable)

A hand-wound round watch from the late 1970s, one from the "Classique" collection, Audemars Piguet Classic Ref.4029 18K YG champagne linen dial.

The bar hand and bar index have a very simple design, but this watch is a champagne-colored linen dial. A textile-like design woven vertically and horizontally. If you look closely, it's fashionable, isn't it?

The Cal.2090, which is based on Jaeger-LeCoultre's Cal.895, is an ultra-thin luxury hand-wound movement. It is a very time-consuming movement with tune-ups such as 5 posture differences and temperature adjustment (the accuracy is affected by temperature changes). As you can see in the picture above, it looks really nice. There is also a case size of 33.5 mm, but does it feel like a watch with a solid gold case that has no sarcasm? As with any item, the simpler the design, the less tired it will be and the longer it will last.



Brand: SEIKO
Model: Grand Seiko Hi-Beat
Ref: 6146-8010
Year: 1970
Movement: Self-Winding (Automatic) Cal.6146A
Case: 37mm
Material: Hardened Stainless Steel (HSS)
Lug Width: 18mm
Bracelet: Crack Textured Leather Strap (Calf)
Includes: Watch Only

Grand Seiko (GS) 6146-8010 Three-sided cut glass arabesque dial. It is one of the models equipped with a 1 0 vibration (high beat) self-winding movement called 61GS, and among them, a very rare model called "arabesque dial". The

case uses hard stainless steel (HSS), which glows blacker than regular stainless steel, so it looks a little different. The atmosphere of the three cut glasses changes depending on the viewing angle.

The standard case size of

37mm is fine for those with an arm circumference of 16cm or more.Among the vintage Grand Seiko, I think it's good that this model silver, which is quite rare, is a little ivory-like.

Next is Seiko, but the clock called Seiko in Seiko.



Brand: SEIKO
Model: GRAND SEIKO First
Ref: J14070
Year: 1962
Movement: Hand-Wound (Manual) Cal.3180
Case: 35mm
Material : Stainless Steel
Lug Width: 18mm
Bracelet: Leather Strap (Dark Brown)

Grand Seiko (GS) First (1st) Ref.J14070. The history of Grand Seiko began with this Grand Seiko 1st.

Based on the "Seiko Crown", this watch is made by injecting the highest component accuracy, assembly technology, and adjustment technology that Seiko could think of at the time. It may be said that it is an important product not only for the history of watches but also for the history of Japan (manufacturing).

The Grand Seiko First (1st) is the first domestically produced watch to comply with the Swiss chronometer inspection standard excellent grade. From this, you can see that it was made by collecting the best of the technology at that time.

The design is also very complete, and there is something similar to Patek Philippe's Patek Philippe Cala Trava Ref.96.



Model: must de Cartier Tank LM
Year: 1980s
Movement: Quartz
Case: 23x30.5mm (Without Crown)
Material: Silver 925 / Vermeil < br> Lug width: 17mm
Bracelet: Dark Brown Leather Strap (Alligator)
Includes: Genuine Buckle

This watch is a Bordeaux color dial with no index, which can be seen only in the early stage of mast tank production. The calm color dial that perfectly matches the expressions of wine red and Bordeaux color is an adult atmosphere.

Mast tank LM size is a size that can be worn by both men and women, so it is an ant to share and use. The basic Roman numeral ivory dial is good, but you may want to consider this model with a twist.



Brand: Vacheron Constantin
Model: Rectangle
Ref: 7813
Year: 1970s
Movement: Hand-Wound (Manual) Cal.K1014
Case: 25x35mm (Including Lugs) < br> Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Lug Width: 18mm
Bracelet: Black Leather Strap
Includes: Watch Only

Vacheron Constantin Ref.7813 Rectangle 18K YG. The case is made of 18K yellow gold and is not straight, but the rectangular case, which is slightly rounded and has a tonneau-like appearance, gives a soft atmosphere.

The size of such a vertically long watch is important, but the width is 25mm and the height is 35mm including the lugs, which is just the right size.

The thickness of the case is also this. Thanks to the hand-wound Cal.K1014 ultra-thin movement, it can be made so thin. The Maltese cross logo on the crown slightly appeals to Vacheron Constantin's watch.

I've mainly looked at the photos I wear, but I think the watch you want will change depending on the atmosphere of your clothes and the environment in which you use the watch. .. It's best to make three of them, which can be said to be my favorite. .

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