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Archive: IWC Yacht Club 811AD Blue Mable Dial - Arbitro
Watch Review

Archive: IWC Yacht Club 811AD Blue Mable Dial

IWC Yacht Club 811AD Blue Mable Dial

IWC Yacht Club Ref.811AD Blue Marble Dial. It was sold in the past, but please enjoy it as an archive.

The most popular model in the vintage IWC is this yacht club.

The reason is the characteristic case design designed by Gerald Genta, the waterproof model represented by the crown of the fish logo, and the Cal.85 series movement called the Pellaton type.

The fact that these three are available may be the reason for their popularity. The 3 elements + marble dial. This is like vintage.

The color scheme is blue for the bumpy parts and black for the background, so I think it will be classified as blue as a whole.

Also, this watch comes with a very valuable Gay Freres 7-series bracelet.

The G (logo / deer) F stamp on the top is a proof that it is a bracelet made by Gay Flair. The deer mark is cute.

This gay flare breath was used not only by IWC but also by brands such as Rolex, Omega, Longines and Jaeger-LeCoultre, as well as brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. ..

This Gay Flair is the world's most famous watch bracelet brand, founded in 1835.

Rolling (rolling) As shown in the photo above, a breath is a breath that is wrapped around a single stainless steel plate.

Since each frame is involved in this way, it will be difficult if you do not ask a skilled repair craftsman to adjust the frame.

The buckle is also genuine with the IWC stamp.

The fish mark is good, isn't it? This logo is a vintage design that is not found in current IWC watches.

This fish mark indicates that it is a waterproof case. Actually, there is a more realistic version of this fish mark, which is similar to the coelacanth.

By the way, the back cover looks like this. If you replace the packing properly when you overhaul it regularly, you can use it without worrying about the waterproofness of everyday use.

You can see the marble dial by looking at this picture.

The IWC logo and index are not printed, but typeset (applied) and three-dimensional. It's a time-consuming method, but it's also a good point of vintage watches that there are many specifications like this.

Marble dial with gay flare breath in a pretty clean condition overall. I think it's a watch that doesn't come out easily in the IWC yacht club. When something like this comes out, it may be necessary to have some momentum.

The interesting thing about vintage watches is that such rare things still exist.

It's nice to be able to feel the history while using it normally, such as the size, material and manufacturing method that the current watch does not have.


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