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Audemars Piguet Classic Ref.4029 18 I took a picture of wearing a solid YG champagne linen dial.

The case diameter of this 4029 is 33.5 mm. The arm circumference of the model is about 16.5 cm. It may look a little bigger than it really is in the picture.

The ones I wrote about movements are here that I introduced last time. Let's take a look at the atmosphere we wore this time.

It's fashionable to have a linen dial. I think the combination of the alligator brown strap, champagne-colored dial, and gold case is also good.

Next, let's look at it from various angles.

A photo showing the thinness of the case. Based on Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.895, Cal.2090 is an ultra-thin movement that meets the "light and thin" requirements of dress watches.

It's light, so I wonder if I'm wearing a watch compared to the Rolex Datejust I usually wear. It's as light as that. However, being light does not mean that it is waterproof, so be sure to understand it before using it.

I think this size is just right.

You can see it from any angle. It's a simple baton hand and bar index, which is a neat design like no other.

A hand-wound dress watch from the 1970s. Looking back on the history of watches, the 1970s was a time when mechanical watches were being driven away during the "quartz shock" that originated from the "quartz astron" announced by Seiko.

The quartz movement, which is inexpensive and boasts high precision, has been replaced by quartz steadily because it can be mass-produced, but even at that time, Audemars Piguet (quartz's), which made high-end mechanical watches. There is also a clock). As expected, Audemars Piguet also seemed to have been very difficult to manage due to the impact of this quartz shock.

Meanwhile, Gerald Genta, announced in 1972, has the aspect that his design "Royal Oak" saved this quartz shock.

Many people may know Royal Oak.

This brand continues from 1875 to today. Originally known for its famous pocket watches with complex complications.

Audemars Piguet's hand-wound watch, which has been making high-end mechanical watches for nearly 150 years. You will want it.

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12/6(月)は出張のため店舗営業はお休みとなります。 - Arbitro

The store will be closed on 12/6 (Monday) due to a business trip.

Tomorrow, 12/6 (Monday) will be closed due to a business trip. 12/7 (Tuesday) and 12/8 (Wednesday) are closed. For inquiries, please use the email or inquiry form.

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ROLEX AIR-KING 14010 BLACK - Arbitro
New Arrival


Rolex Air King Ref.14010 Black dials are in stock. Ref.14010 is a derivative model of 14000 announced as the next generation of Air King of Ref.5500. Ref.14010 has a finely engine-turned bezel....

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