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オーデマ ピゲ ヴィンテージ 31mm径のドレス時計
New Arrival

Vintage Audemars Piguet 31mm Dress Watch

A vintage Audemars Piguet watch made around 1990, about 30 years ago.

Considering the history of Audemars Piguet since 1875, around 1990 feels like a recent time, but if you think about it from 2023, it's been 30 years, so you can call it vintage.

I think one of the good things about vintage watches is their sense of size. It feels big, doesn't it?

Many vintage watches are small, so I think this size would be more suitable for people with wrists up to 17 cm.

The style of the watch that Albitro proposes is that the watch is not the only thing that stands out, and the overall fashion is well-balanced.However, when I look at watches, I find that I value the balance between simplicity and attention to detail.

This time, we will introduce three products that satisfy these conditions.

All watches have a case diameter of 31mm to 31.5mmFrom the left, PG (pink gold), YG (yellow gold), and WG (white gold), so it looks luxurious.

It's a simple design, but each one is slightly differentThe baton needle on the left, the dauphine needle in the center, the pencil needle on the right, and the index, 369 on the left with Arabic numerals and small wedges, the Roman on the center, and the bar on the right, each with a different design.

The watch on the left has a classic design with a small second hand.All of them are cool, so it's a problem that it's difficult to choose which one is better.

Conversely, if you have 3 pieces that are so different, you can match any style (fashion).

Let's start with the PG on the left

Audemars Piguet 4932 PG Arabic Dial

This Audemars Piguet Ref.4932 is a rare model with only 50 pieces worldwide.

This was made to commemorate the opening of the Audemars Piguet museum (the museum before it became the current museum "Musee Atelier His Audemars Piguet"), and is sold as a set with a rectangular watch Ref.4918. It's something that was done

This watch comes with a certificate of sale, which states "Inspired by 1930s designs"You can feel the classical atmosphere when you look at the sumoseko and the index.

The great thing about Audemars Piguet is that while it incorporates classical elements, it's not simply old-fashioned, it's updated with a modern atmosphere.This watch doesn't look old-fashioned, does it?


rug is also called a claw rug, a curved rug in the shape of an eagle's claw.It's time consumingThis slightly plump feeling is the point

Applied index and smosecoSmoseko also looks three-dimensional with cross-shaped lines and two types of finish

Engraved "EDITION-LIMITED-A-50-PIECES" on the back coverHallmark still remains

The arm circumference of the

model is about 16.5cmIs the 31mm case a little small if you just look at the numbers? You may think, but it's a little small and it's not "too small"Isn't it fashionable to wear a watch of this size?

Movement is Cal.2085 based on Frédéric Piguet Cal.810It is a thin move that was also used in the collection watches of Edward Piguet and John Schaefer of the same age.

This Caliber 810-based movement powers a variety of watches from Vacheron and AudemarsCal.2080 for Audemars and Cal.1132 for VacheronSince this watch has smoseco, it is thought that it is Cal.2085.

Since the movement is thin, the case is thin and does not get caught on the sleeve.

Slightly pulled photoI personally like PG (pink gold) because it has a gentle atmosphere, feels good on the skin, and has a luxurious feel that you won't mind.Existence is not too buried, but just the right balance without being overstated


NextAudemars Piguet Extra Flat 14273 YG White Roman

This is an orthodox design like a dress watch, isn't it?

size is 31mmThe simple design of the YG case with dauphine hands and Roman numeral indexes gives it a classic feel, perfect for those who want a watch with a vintage feel but are a little too old.What you can't see on a watch from around 1989 ◎

Roman indexes printed on a beautiful white dialIf you look closely at the dauphine hands, they are actually cut in a chevron shape, so there is no flat feeling and shadows appear, so it looks three-dimensional.The greatness of brands such as Audemars and Vacheron is that they pay attention to such details.

It's simple, but strangely enough, you can watch it all the time.Is it because the feeling of the margin is good? I don't know what to recommend if I get bored with this watch.

This model is called Extra Flat or Extra Thin because of the thickness of the case, which is only 5mm!The movement is Cal.2080 based on Frédéric Piguet's Cal.810, which was introduced earlier.It's a thin movement that makes you wonder how thin a movement could be made.Many Audemars and Vacherons of this era are equipped with Jaeger Lecoultre-based and Frederic Piguet-based thin movements.


LastlyAudemars Piguet 14791 WG Silver Gray Dial

This watch is recommended for those who prefer a color similar to stainless steel instead of YG or PG.It's 18K white gold, so the pad looks normal? You may think that, but this watch is quite elaborate(There are many photos, so be sure to check out the product page)

The color of the dial looks slightly different, depending on the viewing angle and how the light hits it, from silver in bright places to gray in dark places.It may be difficult to see in this photo, but the surface, including the bezel, has a polished finish, and the sides of the case have a hairline finish.Thanks to these two types of finishes, it doesn't look flat, but when the light hits it, it looks three-dimensional.

This finish + WG (white gold) material makes it shine subtly rather than brightly.


lug looks straight when viewed from the front, but has a curved design when viewed from the side.(This is difficult to explain, so please check the product page)

pretty simpleBut I like this simplicity

This clock is also Cal.2080The thin movement makes the dress watch stand out even more.

Easy to match with rough low gauge materialsPants material is hempIt's easy to match with such a rough style, isn't it?


It's difficult to say which one is the best because each of the three watches I've introduced this time has different merits, but I think the rest depends on the balance with the watch you already have and your taste.I would appreciate it if you could check the size feeling in the photo.


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