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Breaking New Arrivals - Arbitro
New Arrival

New Arrivals

Introducing today's newly arrived watches.

・ ROLEX Submariner Date 16610

・ ROLEX Air-King 14000 Black

・ Cartier Santos Octagon LM QZ SS / YG

・ Cartier Santos Galbee LM QZ SS

Two Rolex and two Cartier are in stock.

Submariner 16610 comes with a guarantee (with other accessories) and has been overhauled.

Air King 14000 has already been overhauled.

Cartier Santos Octagon / Galve both have new finishes and battery replacement.

If you have a watch you are interested in, please contact us as soon as possible.

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ヴィンテージ ロレックス チェリーニを知る - Arbitro
Buyer's Guide

Get to know Vintage Rolex Cellini

IN ORO 18 CARATI UNICAMENTE = 18K GOLD ONLY The case material used for Rolex Cellini is not stainless steel, only precious metals such as gold and platinum. We use only the finest materials that ha...

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ROLEX Air-King 14000 Black - Arbitro
Watch Review

ROLEX Air-King 14000 Black

ROLEX Air-King 14000 Black Dial Rolex Air King 14000 Black Dials are in stock now. This watch was manufactured in 1992. Airy ’s has overhauled it, so you can hand it over immediately...

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