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Breguet Classic 3150 WG 1990s. The case diameter is 32.5mm, a unique vintage size. 

I think it looks a little bigger than the actual number because it is white gold and has a white dial. It looks and feels about 33mm~34mm in size.

The beauty of white gold is that it is the same color as stainless steel at a glance, so it is easy to use for those who think yello gold might stand out a bit.

It is also an easy color to use for those who think that yellow gold might stand out a bit.

The two-tone white and silver color is a simple yet good accent.

The movement is Breguet Cal. 839, which is the same movement as Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.839 and was used in many luxury watches.

The most distinctive feature of this movement is its thinness: it is is only 1.84 mm thick.

As you can see, the case of the Breguet Classic 3150 is also quite thin, as the thinness of the movement is also the thinness of the case.

This model is both light and thin. It is the best of manual-winding vintage watches at its best.

It is easy to match with suits and other formal styles, as well as with off-duty styles like this.

The sapphire used for the crown and the Breguet hands are colored in dark blue.

The depth of Breguet's work is that if you look closely at the watch, you can see various work, like the guilloche engraving on the dial and the coin-edged edge on the side of the case.

During the cold season, you can't see it because it is hidden by your clothes, but when you casually see a watch through the cuff and find that you are wearing a Breguet classic, even a vintage model, you think you have good taste, don't you?

Founded in 1747, Breguet has been loved by eminent royalty, artists, and politicians, including Ottoman Emperor Selim III, Queen Marie Antoinette of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, Sir Winston Churchill, and many others.

The reason for this can be traced to the fact that Breguet invented all the technologies and designs still used today, including Breguet beards, Breguet numerals and hands, the tourbillon, and the minute repeater.

It is said that Breguet is responsible for 70% of the technology used in wristwatches, which shows the tremendous influence that Abraham Louis Breguet has had on the watch.

The craftsman's skills are used not only in the movement, but also in the parts that are not usually visible, such as the perlage and guilloche decorations done by hand, and the beveling, polishing, and finishing of each component.

Isn't it amazing that the guilloche engraving on the dial of this watch was done by a craftsman operating a lathe by hand while looking through a microscope?

Since such a great deal of care is put into even a single dial, it goes without saying that the other parts of the watch are also done with the same care.

Breguet is a company that is very particular about its products.

The fact that the number of Breguet watches produced by Breguet is small in comparison with other brands such as Vacheron Constantin is also a point to be noted.

The current pieces cost almost 3 million yen, but the vintage pieces are much cheaper than that.

Breguet Vintage is a brand that you may not be familiar with, but the more you look into it, the more you will understand that it is an extraordinary brand.

The design is very simple, but the more you look into it, the more you will understand that it is Breguet at a glance.

People who like it like it a lot. Personally, I think it is such a brand. (I personally like it very much.)

For people who like watches, are particular about design, and are looking for a vintage watch that others don't have.

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