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Cariter Santos Galbee - Arbitro
Watch Review

Cartier Santos Galbee

Cartier is a French brand that Louis-Francois-Cartier started his workshop as a jeweler in 1847 and continues to this day.


As it is known as a royal warrant jeweler of each country, the brand is exceptional.

Alberto Santos-Dumont and Louis Cartier

Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont consults with Cartier's third generation Louis Jose Cartier, "I want a watch that allows me to check the time without taking my hands off the control stick when flying an airplane." The clock that was born from being done is Santos de He is Cartier.

Born in 1904, it has since been named as a representative watch of Cartier.

Louis Joseph Cartier ... Cartier 3rd generation Louis Joseph Cartier

Let's take a closer look at the story of such a historical watch.

About Alberto Santos-Dumont

The origin of this name is "Alberto Santos-Dumont" with a very great father who was called "Brazilian coffee king" in the early 1900s and there is still no one in Brazil who does not know the name. Because it is a watch born from the encounter of "Louis Cartier", the third generation of the Cartier family.

Santos-Dumont was an inventor and pilot of an airplane that was thought to have invented the airplane for the first time in the world until the Wright brothers became known to the world.

Santos-Dumont was an inventor and pilot of an airplane that was thought to have invented the airplane for the first time in the world until the Wright brothers became known to the world.

It was also famous as a fashionista in the social circles of Paris at that time, and it was rumored that it was cool to wear a shirt with a high collar, and everyone imitated it.

Birth of Santos de Cartier

Santos-Dumont requested Louis Cartier to want a wristwatch that can be seen while operating the control stick while operating an airplane.

This era was an era when there were only pocket watches, and watches were not yet widespread.

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But that is truly Louis Cartier.

I designed and manufactured a watch with a leather strap in a square case that seems to be inspired by an airplane.


This watch is said to be the first practical wristwatch in the world.


This is Santos de Cartier, which I introduced earlier.

Background of the time when Santos Galve was announced

The birth of Santos Galve was triggered by the trend of high-end stainless steel models called luxury sports that were popular in the 1970s, represented by Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak (both are designed by Gerald Genta).

The image above is an ad for Patek Philippe his Nautilus in 1978.

Cartier Introducing his Santos Garve

In response to this trendy wave, Cartier sold a stainless steel model with a design conscious of luxury sports as a new "Santos de Cartier" from "Santos" with a leather belt so far in 1978. I did.

This is the first Santos.

And from the 1970s to the early 1980s (from the Swiss side), a quartz movement called the Quartz Crisis rushed in.

In response to this quartz shock, in 1987, the rug was rounded to make it more comfortable to wear, and the name was changed to "Santos Galbee".

Santos Garbe will finally come out this year.

Santos Garve is based on the original model of Santos de Cartier, as introduced at the beginning.

Generally, both "Santos de Cartier" and "Santos Galbee" are sold as Santos Galve, so both are sold as Santos Galve at Albitro.

Santos Galve has both self-winding models until it switches to the quartz model.

This is a self-winding model.

The case is a little bumpy because it contains a self-winding movement.

This is a quartz model.

Because it is a quartz movement, the back cover is also neat. It's thin.

The difference between the self-winding model and the quartz model is the position of the date display.(There are exceptions)

In the case of automatic winding, there is a date display at "3 o'clock position"

On the other hand, the quartz model is ...

There is a date display at "6 o'clock position".

And Santos Galve announced a larger model called Santos Galbee XL in 2005.

The watch below is a model commemorating the 20th anniversary of the announcement of Santos Garbe.

The guilloche-carved dial and applied Roman numeral index are characteristic.

Santos Galve is good in terms of size and comfort. This model is an all-stainless steel model.

The combination model with gold accents is also popular, but many men are looking for this all-stainless steel model.

Differences from the current model

The size is different from the current collection.

The current LM is a larger size, and even a small MM size is 35 mm, which is one size larger than the LM size of this era, so it is understandable that many people want a vintage model.

Introduction of each model of Santos Galve

CARTIER Santos Galbee Moon Phase LM

Cartier Santos Galve Moon Phase

A simple combination model is good, but the Santos Galve Moon Phase is for people who want a different Santos Galve.

As the name of the moon phase suggests, this watch represents the phases of the moon

There are only a few moon phase models left, and it's hard to find beautiful individuals, so it may be better to buy them when you find them.

CARTIER Santos Galbee LM Godron

A rare model that is not a design with ordinary screws, but a characteristic bracelet called Godron Breath.

This Godron decoration is inspired by the Art Deco style and is said to have the motif of the pillars of a Greek temple.

Godron breath models are few in number, so it may be better to buy them when they come out.

CARTIER Santos Galbee LM Ivory Dial

The ivory-colored dial features a three-dimensional upright index.

This index is made of WG (white gold). It has a three-dimensional effect and has a different taste from prints.

The combination of the gold bezel and bis of the combination model is not a combination, but the all-stainless steel model gives a cooler impression.

Vintage Santos Galve has an exquisite sense of size

The length of the wrist is about 17mm and it feels like this.

Not too big, not too small. The good thing about Santos Garbe is that you can wear it smoothly instead of making too much insistence. As an accent to the overall coordination, it can be used in any season.

The blued steel hands shine in a simple dial. However, it doesn't stand out so much and has an adult atmosphere.

CARTIER Santos Galbee LM 1980s

Speaking of Cartier Santos Garve, the first thing that comes to mind is this combination model of stainless steel and 18K gold.

Based on the original Santos, the airplane-inspired design with bis tickles the man's gokoro.

The crown design is also characteristic.

The white Roman dial has a blue steel hand, and if you look closely, part of the 7 o'clock index VII is "CARTIER".

The size and bracelet design are different from the current collection.The difference is that the logo is popping out.

CARTIER Santos Galbee LM Blue Dial 1980s

The blue Roman index is a vintage combination that only exists in the early days of Santos Galve.

A rare dial that was produced only in the early days of Santos Garve.

The breath logo is different from the current model in that it does not pop out.

Reasons to choose Santos Galve

Introducing a little history of Cartier.

In the 1800s, Louis-Francois Cartier founded in 1847 and opened a boutique in Paris as a luxury jewelery maison in 1853, a few years later by the time he became a customer of Empress Napoleon III. And in the era of the third generation Louis Cartier, he received patents from royal families all over the world.

Cartier is a special treatment when you think about it in the category of watches among several jewelry brands.

The reason is that there are "Santos" and "tanks" born from the relationship between Santos-Dumont and Louis Cartier.

I think most people knew Santos with the fluffy feeling of "clocks related to airplanes", but if you trace the origin of Santos Garbe, it goes back to the beginning of the 1900s, and it has a great history. It's a watch with a story.

Santos His Galve is a model that is especially popular among Cartier's vintage watches, featuring a design that features the bis of the airplane that triggered the birth in each part based on the original model.

The reason for choosing the vintage Santos Galve is the size and the design and color that do not exist at present. If you bring Cartier to a boutique, you can receive a complete service, so it is good that you can use it with confidence in that respect as well.

Vintage is easier to buy in terms of price, so I think it's a good watch to buy one first.


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