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GRAND SEIKO FIRST(1ST) J14070 - Arbitro
Watch Review

Column G D Seiko Phil RST (1ST) J14070

Grand Seiko First (first GS) J14070 is in stock. Grand Seiko First arrived the other day, but it is in the highest level and this time it is standard. However, I think the overall condition is quite good. Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070

Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070
The design is well-balanced so that it can be called Japanese Patek Philippe Cala. It's a simple design, but it has been stripped of unnecessary things.
Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070
From any angle ◎ The Grand Seiko First was sold in 1960, but I think the design has already been completed for the first Grand Seiko. Like the Rolex Explorer and Submariner, it still feels beautiful 60 years after it's been completed.
Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070
Applied (typesetting) "Grand Seiko" logo is the latter half of Grand Seiko First.
It was manufactured for only 3 years from 1960 to 1963, but during those 3 years, the logo changed from "print" → "carving" → "typesetting". The print logo is so rare that it is rarely found in the earliest production.
Even with applied (typesetting), the number is quite small when it is in good condition.

There are two types of dials, glossy and matte, even with the engraved logo, and the applied (typesetting) is SD (Special Dial), AD ( Applique Dial ), and those without either notation. there is.

SD (Special Dial) is represented by the star-shaped mark of the octagram attached to this watch. The SD dial is basically made of solid 14K or 18K index.
AD (Applique Dial) is represented by a hexagram star-shaped mark, and brass is plated with SGP (Seiko Gold Plating) hard gold.

In terms of cost and materials, the SD (Special Dial) dial is the most luxurious.
Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070 Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070
Side by side with the 56GS solid gold model, which was the final model of Grand Seiko at that time. Both cases are the same 35mm case, but the design is completely different, so the feeling will change. Both are cool.
Grand Seiko グランドセイコー 1st (ファースト)J14070

Grand Seiko First, which was made only for three years from 1960.
I think it was definitely a major turning point for the Seiko brand.

In 2020, a reprint model was released to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the birth of Grand Seiko, but the size has been increased to 38 mm. This 3mm is big, isn't it?

With the determination to "make the world's finest wristwatches", Grand Seiko was born by pouring all of the parts accuracy, assembly technology, and adjustment technology based on the model called Crown.

I usually use something that remains in the history of Japanese watches. Isn't it good?

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