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IWC MARK XIIのオーバーホールのご依頼を頂きました。 - Arbitro

I received a request to overhaul the IWC MARK X II.

I received a request to overhaul the IWC MARK X II.
Thank you for visiting our store when you are on a business trip from Toyama. It means that it hasn't been overhauled for 7.8 years, so it's a good idea to do it once.


What kind of craftsman are you asking for overhaul? I'm curious. There is content that introduces craftsmen. (Click the photo to see it)

(Repair craftsman's job Vol.1 Airy's)
(Repair craftsman's job Vol.2 Matsuno Clock Shop)

Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking about overhauling your watch.

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Go on a Trip to Kumamoto - Arbitro

Go on a Trip to Kumamoto

Last week, I went on a business trip to Kumamoto. It's important to see for yourself the current situation in various cities in Japan. It takes about 2 hours from Haneda to Kumamoto. From the pl...

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11/26(金)は仕入れのため店舗はお休みです。 - Arbitro

The store is closed on 11/26 (Friday) due to purchase.

Tomorrow, the store will be closed for purchase on November 26th (Friday). For inquiries, please use the Instagram message, inquiry form, or email.

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