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OMEGA Speedmaster MISSIONS  Mission Apollo XII - Arbitro
Watch Review

OMEGA Speedmaster MISSIONS Mission Apollo XII

New Arrival

New arrival.

Omega Speedmaster Missions Apollo 12 OMEGA Speedmaster MISSIONS Mission Apollo XII is in stock.

"Speedmaster Missions" was released in 1997, marking the 150th anniversary of OMEGA's founding and the 40th anniversary of the birth of Speedmaster.

The content is a set of 23 Speedmasters, and was released as a world-limited 40 sets.

The following year, for those who couldn't buy this set, each watch was sold separately for a limited number of 150.

Still, it is a fairly rare model with only 190 pieces in the world.

Apollo 12's central figures, Captain Pete Conrad, Lunar Module Alan Bean, and Command Module Operator Richard F. Gordon, Jr. The names of the three people are drawn on the counter at 9 o'clock.

The engraving on the back cover says "FLIGHT-QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS" (NASA certified that it can be used in all manned space flight programs).

You can also see that it says "THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON".

Bracelet ... 1499/842

Since it is a hand-wound movement, it is wound with this crown. This analog feeling is good.

Twisted rugs have a satin-finished surface and a mirror-finished surface. Not only is it sturdy, but the Speedmaster is also wonderful in terms of design.

The condition of the rug and case is good without any big scratches or dents.

When you actually use it, you don't have a chance to see the breath frame so seriously.

Dot Over 90 Dot Over 90 ... The design seen in the earliest 4th and 5th models with dots diagonally above the 90 scale of the tachymeter.

By the way, the 70 scale is also a design called Dot Diagonal to 70 dot diagonal to 70, and dots are placed under the zero of 70.

There are 4 extra frames. Instructions are also included.

This booklet introduces each Missions watch. It's pretty fun just looking at it.

Valuable Guarantee Card

Since we received a complete service at Omega in 2020, we are relieved in terms of functionality.

Box and guarantee are also included.

I want Spimas someday. There are various models in the Speedmaster, so I'm wondering which one to use.

But if you buy it with all your might, a slightly unusual model would be better.

Limited to 190 books worldwide. This model is a Speedmaster with only 190 in the world.

I think it is one of the watches I want to be alongside Rolex Daytona in the chronograph.

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