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ROLEX Air-King 5500 - Arbitro
New Arrival

ROLEX Air-King 5500

Rolex Air-King 5500 / ROLEX Air-King Ref.5500 is in stock.

It's a small size 34mm oyster case and a model with a design that has a somewhat dressy feel.

It is rare that two Air Kings arrive at the same time, but both are in the state of a full piece with a winding breath of 13 frames (12 frames in the photo, but there is an additional 1 frame).

The left is blue and the right is gray (blue gray). In both cases, the condition of the case and breath is at the highest level.

When I picked up the real thing and looked at it, I was surprised that 5500 Air King in such a good condition remained.

Is the blue air king new with dial, hands, index, luminous, etc.? I think the level. It's like this in a macro photo taken in very high definition, so I think it's convincing when you actually see it with your eyes.

Gray (blue gray) was originally a gray dial, but it has become blue gray with a nice feeling, and it is a color that can only be put out in vintage.

There is no need to say anything about other conditions.

Both movements are Cal.1520. The main change in the successor to the Cal.1530 was that the frequency was increased from 18000 to 19800, and a hack function was added in the early 1970s.

In terms of the Air King purchased this time, the gray on the right was manufactured in 1971 and the blue on the left was manufactured in 1978.

When I checked, both were Cal.1520, but gray had no hack and blue had a hack function.

The number of Ref.5500 Air Kings in good condition is decreasing year by year, but there is no particular color dial (blue, gray, etc.).

This Air King is recommended for those who are looking for an Air King 5500 in insanely good condition.

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New Arrival


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