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ROLEX Cellini 3805 18K WG Navy Dial - Arbitro
New Arrival

ROLEX Cellini 3805 18K WG Navy Dial

New arrival. Rolex Cellini Ref.3805 18K White Gold. This watch was manufactured in 1972.

The case diameter is about 31x35, which is about the size.

The sunburst-finished navy dial looks darker or lighter depending on how the light hits it.

The Rolex crown logo is applied (typesetting). Like the index bar, it looks three-dimensional.

The σ mark of "σ SWISS σ" at 6 o'clock indicates that precious metals are used. To elaborate a little more, at that time Switzerland had a gold case manufacturer's association and a dial manufacturer's association, which marked this mark to prove its high quality.

“σ SWISS σ” guarantees (certifies) high-quality Swiss-made gold (precious metal) and dials.

Please contact us if you are interested.

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