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ROLEX Cellini 3807 WG ロレックス チェリーニ ネイビー
New Arrival


Rolex Cellini 3807 18K WG Navy Gradation is in stock.

Among the vintage Rolex Cellini, the 3807 is a men's size with a tonneau case design. The case size is 26x31mm, which is a perfect size for those with an arm circumference of up to 17.5cm.

rolex cellini 3807 ヴィンテージ ロレックス チェリーニ

The arm circumference of the model is about 16.5 cm.

rolex cellini 3807 ヴィンテージ ロレックス チェリーニ

This angle is easy to understand. You may want to consider that it looks a little larger than it actually looks in the photo.

rolex cellini 3807 ヴィンテージ ロレックス チェリーニ
rolex cellini 3807 ヴィンテージ ロレックス チェリーニ

It is a navy gradation dial, but it looks like a standard navy dial depending on the angle. It is a salt plum that you can see that it is a gradation when you look closely.

Introducing the photos of the Rolex Cellini 3807 WG navy dial sold last time.

If you make the strap a little casual with stitches, the impression will change. The WG case has a navy dial, so the atmosphere and appearance are quite similar to those of the navy gradation.

Also, even with the same Rolex Cellini 3807, the atmosphere changes suddenly in the case of YG. Here are some of the items sold in the past.

The case size and solid gold case are exactly the same, but when it comes to yellow gold champagne dials, the atmosphere is so different. Both are good, but this depends largely on your taste.

rolex cellini 3807 ヴィンテージ ロレックス チェリーニ

The WG case is not as eye-catching as YG, so it is recommended for those who are looking for a good watch that is not very noticeable and blends in smoothly. The difference from the stainless steel case is the way it shines, the feel, and the appearance, such as a moderate luster.

Navy color is the basic color, as the word "man is silent and navy". That means it's easy to match with other colors.

It can be said that it is a watch that has both luxury and usability.

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