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New Arrival


New arrival. Rolex Oyster Quartz Datejust 17000 White Roman Dial.

Ref.17000 is a plain bezel with an all-stainless steel model for both the case and bracelet, and has a simple and neat design.

Although it is named Datejust, the design of the case and bracelet is different from the self-winding Datejust, so it feels like a completely different watch.

When viewed from the side, the case design unique to Oyster Quartz is easy to understand. This trapezoidal crispness and breath design is like a luxury sports watch ◎

It's not so thick and you can wear it without any discomfort. As expected, Rolex.

It's really cool. White Roman applied (typesetting) index on all stainless steel, and railway design on the outer circumference of the dial.

The case diameter is 36mm, but it looks like it has a little more volume. I think this voluminous feeling is definitely different from the self-winding Datejust.

A watch that is addictive to those who like it in a rugged atmosphere.

Look at the corner of the rug. The corners are standing sharply. The condition is really good, isn't it?

As for the finish, mirror finish and satin finish are used properly.

Moreover, the boundary is chamfered with a mirror finish. It's a lot of work. The polisher is amazing!

The design of the top has a shape that is not often seen in Rolex. This is good.

Overhauled at Rolex Japan in 2017. At that time, the crown is also replaced.

This watch comes with a box, warranty card and repair statement. I think that receiving services at Rolex is a high point.

The bracelet has 12 frames. Can be installed up to 18.5 cm.

Ordinary datejust is good, but this oyster quartz datejust is also hard to throw away. Or rather, it's a completely different thing, so it's an ant.

It seems unlikely that this size will be felt in luxury sports.

It is also recommended that you can use it without worrying about it all year round because it has a simple design and a stainless steel bracelet.

I think most people say that they haven't had a choice until now, but I think it's good.

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11/18(木)は出張のため、お休みとなります。 - Arbitro

We will be closed on 11/18 (Thursday) due to a business trip.

Thursday, November 18th will be closed due to a business trip. Please email us for any inquiries.

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