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ThrowBack 2019.10 Go on a Trip to OKINAWA "Yachimun" - Arbitro

Thro w place ck 2019.10 Sound A T Ri p and Okinawa "Yachimun"

The other day, I wanted a coffee cup for the shop, so I went to buy Yachimun from Okinawa.

Depart from Haneda on a flight around 8 o'clock and arrive at Naha Airport before 11 o'clock. A flight like this is quick.

It's convenient because there is a "Yui Rail" station right after you leave the airport. I think taxis and buses are better if you have large luggage, but this time I only had one bag, so I moved by train.

You can go to the Yui Rail station without hesitation.

By the way, Yui Rail is a monorail like this. It's like the Yurikamome.

The places are "Yachimun no Sato" in Yomitan Village and "Tsuboya Yachimun Street" in Naha City. The photo was taken at Yachimun no Sato.

There are many potter's workshops scattered around the large site, and you can buy them directly.

The climbing kiln in the photo is famous, isn't it?

Yachimun no Sato's workshop has a traditional Okinawan architecture and atmosphere, so it's like a little theme park, so I highly recommend it.

There are trees and flowers here and there that you have never seen in a tropical country.

I also found cats in various places, so I feel like I've gained a lot.

There is a little scary Shisa on the restroom building in Yachimun no Sato. This tiled roof feels like Okinawa.

Up the Shisa. Looking at the city of Okinawa, every house (not only single-family homes but also condominiums) had shisa.

The above Shisa was at the gate of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts near Shuri Castle. It's good that the building of this university looks like Okinawa.

This stone lattice design is characteristic.

There was always a shisa on the roof and gate of the entrance. I can't see it except in Okinawa, so it has a great impact.

When I saw Shisa, I thought I should buy one as a souvenir, but I couldn't buy it because I didn't like it. It will be carried over the next time I go.

I have picked up some points at Yachinmun no Sato's workshop.

This is Yachimun, which I bought this time.

I bought the one in this photo at Mr. Keystone's Makishi store on Kokusai-dori.

It's convenient because it's done until 22:30 at night.

Because it is a select shop, there is a wide selection of products, and Yachimun from various workshops (writers) are gathered in one place.

The person who responded was nice, and I was able to buy it while consulting various things ◎

It's also an ant to see various things at Yachimun no Sato and finally buy them here.

I bought this cup for a shop. I like the saucer and the cup at a glance because they have a modern atmosphere.

・ The hotel I stayed at

This time, the back of the hotel where I stayed was Tsuboya Yachimun Street, so it is recommended for those who are planning a trip to Yachimun.

"Tsuboya Yachimun Dori" has many shops along the cobblestone road.

"Yatch and Moon" who had many shops around here It seems that there are shops with different names besides Yatch and Moon.

The hotel I stayed at this time was "Hyatt Regency NAHA OKINAWA"

The building and interior are beautiful because it has just been completed. There is no problem with the water and other facilities, so you can spend a lot of time comfortably.

As of October 2019, there are two Hyatts in Okinawa. One is "Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa" where I stayed this time.

This is in the Makishi area located in the center of Naha city. It is a short walk from Kokusai-dori, and about 5 to 6 minutes on foot from the nearest Okinawa city monorail "Yui Rail" Makishi Station.

There are markets, taverns, steak shops, etc. near the hotel, which is quite convenient. I didn't go there this time, but there was a curry shop with a pretty delicious atmosphere.

Reddish steak is cheap and easy to eat.The taste is also ◎

Because it is right in front of the hotel, you can eat and return to your room immediately even if it's late.

And the other is "Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa" This is located in Onna Village in the northern part. I think Seragaki Island is a good way to enjoy a resort at a hotel.

If you want to move by renting Shurijo Castle or a rental car, it is also ant to start from Naha City.

This time, I rented a car at careco, which was near the Makishi area, and went to Yachimun no Sato and the surrounding beaches.

The roads in Okinawa are wide and easy to drive. However, it should be noted that many Okinawans are rough driving. A car that forcibly changes lanes from one end of the three lanes to the other is messed up.

Another feature is that there are quite a lot of rental cars. Be careful as there are quite a few people who are not accustomed to driving normally. (I can't say about people ...)

When you go to Okinawa, it is a prerequisite to move by car, so it is better to make a reservation in advance. .

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