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Watch Review


Vacheron Constantin 7592 18K Solid White Gold Automatic winding.

VACHERON CONSTANTIN made from the 1960s to the 1970s Vacheron Constantin Ref.7592 has the same reference as SS model and YG model.

It seems that more SS models were produced in terms of number, and solid gold models such as YG and WG are rare pieces that exist only in very small numbers.

The feature of this model is that it boasts the ultimate thinness of 2.45 mm while being self-winding. It is natural for a normal self-winding watch to have a slightly bulging back cover because it has a rotor required for the self-winding mechanism, but this watch has a flat back cover without bulging. The reason why its thinness is possible is the movement. The Cal.K1120 movement installed in Ref.7592 is a customized version of the JLC Cal.920 (developed in 1967), which Jaeger-LeCoultre supplied only to Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. It is a movement finished with. (By the way, Cal.2120 at Audemars Piguet) Quoted from

This Cal.K1120 makes the thickness of the rotor, which is an important part of the self-winding mechanism, as thin as possible. There is a problem that "the thinner the rotor, the worse the winding efficiency", but as a solution, we used 21K solid gold for the outer part of the rotor to improve the efficiency. (There is a stamp "21C" on the rotor as a proof of using 21 gold)

However, if solid gold is used for the outer part of the rotor for efficiency, the rotor becomes heavy and the "rotor core" that supports it is loaded. A stainless steel rail (the same rail as the rail of the railroad track) is made on the rotor, and the load on the rotor core is distributed by sliding it on four ruby bearings to "improve winding efficiency" and "self-winding pole". We have achieved both "thinning".

Until then, "the case of a self-winding watch is thick" It is known as a movement that remains in the history of watches, overturning the recognition.

Is the fit, lightness and size of the watch really self-winding when worn? I think. For example, a person wearing a Rolex Submariner may not feel like wearing it because it is too light.

The buckle is not carved, but a black print as it is. Most of them don't have a mark because they rub off and disappear easily, which is quite valuable.

What's so great about luxury watches? One of the points is "making the case" and "the politeness, cleanliness and complexity of the finish".

The watch in the photo is VACHERON CONSTANTIN, but you can see two types of bezels and lugs, satin (streak) finish and mirror (polish) finish.

We finish this millimeter unit (smaller unit) without any deviation, accurately and beautifully, and without failure.

When it comes to watches in classes such as Vashron and Audemars, the proportion of handicrafts by craftsmen increases considerably in many processes, so it may be better to call them crafts or works of art.

You can see that it takes a lot of time and effort just to finish this case.

This is a photo that clearly shows the difference in finish. It's amazing that there are two types of finishes in such a thin part of the rug, and the angles are different. This is hand-finished by Vashron craftsmen.

The way it shines and looks different from the stainless steel case. Also, since the finish of the case and bezel is different, the mirror-finished part shines brightly, giving an adult fashionable feeling.

The case diameter is 34.5 mm. The arm circumference of the model is about 16.5 cm. Not too big, not too small, just the right size. It goes great with shirts and knits.

A genuine silver dial that was originally attached. It's good to be able to enjoy two types of dials, black and silver. Even if I try to find a dial that fits this watch in this beautiful state, I don't think it's easy now.

Guarantee Paper (Warranty) You can see that the watch was sold in 1973. It is about 50 years old, but you can see from the state that it was stored carefully if you had only a luxury watch.

A watch that embodies the idea of "using really good things for a long time." What is really valuable is something that goes up, not the same, over the years.

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