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What is an overhaul?

Watch overhaul can clean the exterior as well as the movement.

Rolex Submariner Overhaul.

The state where the breath is removed and the head and breath are separated.

With the bezel removed.

If you disassemble it, it will be divided into a case, dial, needle, movement, etc.

It's a pretty beautiful individual. In most cases, only overhaul is sufficient.

Since there is no need to replace parts (the packing is a consumable item, it will be replaced), the repair fee can be reduced.

That's what it means to overhaul regularly.

We also overhaul luxury watches such as Patek Philippe and Lange & Söhne.

What is the long object swirling on the right? You may think that this is what is called a "royal fern".

Where is this royal fern in the movement? I think that.

I have opened a part called a barrel that houses the mainspring.

Actually, it is housed in such a small round box.

There is such a long spring in the barrel.

This long spring is wound up using a rotor and rolled up.

The principle is that the wound spring uses the unwinding force to move parts such as gears to advance the needle.

The story is a little off. There is another important task in the process of disassembling the movement.

That is what is called "pre-cleaning". At this pre-cleaning stage, you remove any dirt.

After completely disassembling, the parts will be completely cleaned with a special machine.

First, remove the dirt by hand by the craftsman.

This is also undergoing preliminary cleaning.

In the process of disassembling, we will check each part for chipping and distortion.

Since it is a fairly small part, I am examining it using a microscope.

I will investigate such small parts one by one.

If there is a problem with the part, replace it or fix it with a tool.

In this way, parts are repaired manually. This kind of work is because it is a veteran repair craftsman.

Ultrasonic cleaner for precision parts. It's for professionals, unlike the ones for home use, so it's very expensive.

Use this machine to completely remove oil stains on parts and keep them in a clean state.

After cleaning, we will start assembling.

After cleaning, we will assemble them one by one, contrary to the disassembled ones.

Lubricate new lubricating oil when assembling.

After assembling, the flow is to perform accuracy adjustment and waterproof inspection.

Case and windshield

Attach the movement, dial, hands, and crown from the previous state.

Finally, attach the bezel.

This is a machine that inspects waterproofing.

I have seen the flow of overhaul, but there is also polishing work.

Polishing work is also a work that the craftsman's skill goes out to Moro, so let's ask a reliable shop.

Finally, do a running test to see if there is a problem with accuracy. We may improve the accuracy while adjusting the accuracy, or if the condition does not come out, we will overhaul again and check if there is a cause in each part.

For older watches, this adjustment can take a considerable amount of time. There is also a problem with the movement, but it is often quite difficult to just overhaul a watch from an era when the precision of the old work was not very good.

What kind of work is overhaul doing from the customer's point of view? And why does it take so long? I don't think you can tell that, but I hope you can understand that it takes time and money because we are doing such a series of detailed work carefully.