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About new finish (polishing / polishing)

About new finish

Scratches and dirt that become noticeable when you use your watch normally.

Even if you do it with leather for removing scratches that you polish yourself, it will not disappear easily. .. I think everyone has that experience.

If the surface is extremely shallow, you may be able to remove it yourself, but if it is scratched or dented a little, I think it is better to polish it by a craftsman in terms of quality and satisfaction.

The job of polishing cases and bracelets depends more on the craftsman's ability than you think.

The Rolex service center is a deep field where there are craftsmen who specialize only in polishing work.

It's good to ask for polishing work, but when I see the watch that came back, I hear that the rug is rounded and thin.

It's not just a job that anyone can do, but the task of "polishing" is what the experience and skill of the person say.

I think that most people are asked to polish at the time of overhaul, but we also accept requests only for polishing work, so please feel free to contact us.

New finish Before / After

Let's see how much the new finished watch will actually change.

AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK There is a feeling of use on the scratches and corners of the rug part of Royal Oak.

If you use it normally, you may get scratches even if you pay attention to this corner.

The more I like my watch, the more I'm worried about small scratches.

When this is finished by a craftsman. ..

After polishing work. You can see that the scratches have disappeared and the corners of the rug are standing.

It's easier to understand if you look at the whole thing.

As you can see in the photo, there are two types of finishes: mirror finish and hairline finish with vertical stripes.

Since different finishes are mixed in the same case, the difficulty of polishing increases and it takes time and effort.

When the case is dirty and scratched and the condition is not good

Such stains and some rust can be mistakenly cleaned by careful cleaning and polishing by craftsmen.

When you turn the case up, scratches and dirt are quite noticeable.

If you continue to use it in such a state, the case itself will deteriorate.

If you leave it as it is, it will get worse, so regular overhaul and polishing are necessary.

How much will this state change? ..

It's obvious at a glance. It became shiny.

For the sake of clarity, look at the before and after photos. ..

It's so different.

When it comes to how good or bad the polish is and where the goodness of the arm is likely to appear, it is easy to make a difference in the rug part.

It seems difficult to polish this twisted rug part because you can see it.

Moreover, the twisted part has a mirror finish, and the rest has a hairline finish, which makes the craftsmen cry.

How beautiful is the one with scratches on this rug?

It's completely different. Not only the big scratches that were in the original state, but also the borders with different finishes are perfect finishes.

The watch case is limited to 5.6 polishes from its original state. Cases with too much polish are not good for waterproofing, especially because the lugs are thin and the case itself is thin.

For watches other than dress-type watches, I think there is an option to consider scratches as one of the tastes and not polish them.

However, it is difficult because there are many people who like clean people, but a skilled craftsman will clean it with a minimum of polishing, so please contact us first.

New finish fee

New finishes for cases and bracelets are available from ¥ 22,000.

The case is disassembled, and the mirror surface is polished and hairlined by buffing including scratch removal.

We also accept requests for polishing work only, so please feel free to contact us.

About delivery date

Basically, it can be handed over in about 4 weeks from the start of work.

It may take a little longer when there are many requests, but basically, please consider the above delivery date.

Please note that if you have a long holiday such as New Year holidays or Golden Week holidays, it will be added to the above delivery date.

Precautions when requesting

Work will be done after disassembling the exterior parts such as the windshield.

In that case, if parts need to be replaced due to deterioration, a minimum parts cost may be required separately.

It may not be possible to completely remove large and deep scratches and dents.

Complexly processed parts and plated parts are not polished.

* Gold-plated watches may not be polished.

If you have any questions, please contact us before requesting.

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