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Repair terms

Watch repair terms and agreements

We will assume that you have agreed to this agreement when we receive a formal request for repair.

1. Basics of repair

Repairs will be refused in the following cases:
・If it is impossible to procure the parts to be used for repair
・If it is determined to be a copy, imitation, or modified product
・Repair for the purpose of resale
・Our shop If it is determined that repair is not possible
・If our company determines that repair cannot be accepted due to false or untruthful declarations, etc.

2. Quotation

・The amount displayed on the website does not include tax. We will inform you of the final price including tax by e-mail.
・In principle, ¥5,000 will be charged in the case of cancellation of the estimate.
・We will contact you about the estimate period in about 2 weeks. This does not apply if there is a delay due to congestion, external estimates for parts, etc.
・It may be difficult to make an accurate estimate due to deterioration over time. Please acknowledge it beforehand

3. Repair

・Usually it takes about 4-6 weeks (about 6-8 weeks for complex mechanisms such as chronographs), but there may be delays due to congestion, parts procurement, special work, etc.
・We will disassemble and clean as much as possible, but there may be some parts that cannot be removed.
・There are areas where deep scratches and discoloration that cannot be removed by polishing cannot be removed even if polishing (new finish) is applied.
・Even after receiving a formal repair request, if it is determined that repair is not possible while the work is in progress, it may be returned as unrepairable.
・After repairing a vintage watch, it may be treated as non-waterproof due to its specifications.

4. About payment

・Please make payment within 2 days from our invoice.
・Please pay in advance even if you pick up at the store
・Cash on delivery is not available for repaired items.
・We will inform you of the bank account to which the repair fee is to be paid.
・We usually ship within 2-3 business days after payment is confirmed.

5. Repair warranty

・After the repair is completed, if the same defect occurs in the same place as the repair content within the warranty period specified by our shop, we will repair it again free of charge.
(The warranty period varies depending on the watch)

Please note that the following items are not covered by the warranty
・A failure in a location other than the one repaired
・A watch that was repaired or remodeled by someone other than our store
・Our store If it is determined that the warranty is not applicable
・Failure due to natural disasters such as dropping, fire, wind and flood damage, earthquakes, lightning strikes
・Failure due to usage that does not occur under normal use
・Others, according to the above clauses If our shop determines that the warranty is not applicable for some reason

For repairs to the manufacturer, we will add miscellaneous expenses and fees to the agent's estimated amount.
In this case, it will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty (not covered by our repair warranty).

6. Storage period

・If there is no response within 1 week after contacting the estimate, we will consider it as cancellation and return it by cash on delivery.
・In that case, we will charge 5,000 yen as a cancellation fee for the estimate.
・If the item returned by cash on delivery is returned to our store after refusal of receipt or no response, we will dispose of it as there is no intention to pick it up.
・If payment is not made even after one month has passed since the request for the repair fee, we will consider that the ownership has been abandoned and dispose of it at our store.

7. Cancellation

・5,000 yen will be charged for cancellation of the estimate.
・In case of cancellation, we will return it by cash on delivery.
・We cannot accept cancellations in progress as we have received a formal repair request.

8. Change of contact information

・If you move while using the repair service, or if you change the contents of the receipt or the email at the time of the estimate, please contact us immediately.
・We are not responsible for any accidents or damages caused by shipping to an address other than the one you contacted us.

9.Handling of Personal Information

・Registered personal information will be strictly managed to prevent unauthorized use, falsification, loss, leakage, etc.
・In addition, this excludes requests for estimates, repair-related communications, completion, and bank transfers.


When using the watch repair service, our shop will not be liable for damages in the following cases.

・Natural disaster
・Criminal act by a third party
・Complaint due to subjective/sensory reasons (somewhat different from before, feels like more scratches, etc.)
・Our store Decrease in asset value due to the content of the request
・Loss or damage during transportation
・If the watch repaired at our shop cannot be accepted by the manufacturer
・Other events that our company deems to be in accordance with the above
However, this does not apply if it is based on our negligence.

11. Items not covered by warranty

・Please understand that vintage watches and other watches that have been around for a long time have limitations due to the wear of parts.
・We perform repairs with our standard accuracy We cannot guarantee that there will be no day difference on the watch.

12.Rejection of repair

If there is an action or request that falls under any of the items below, we will stop the repair at our discretion and cancel or return the product.
In addition, if our store determines that it is dangerous, we will immediately contact the relevant organizations.

・If there is a malicious act, persistent negotiation, intimidation, intimidation, abusive language, etc. against our store
・If there is behavior that deviates from general social common sense
・Anti-social forces , or if there is a request from a customer who seems to comply with it

13. Conventions

This agreement is subject to change without notice