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Purchase terms

This agreement applies to all purchase services at physical stores operated by ARBITRO and websites on the Internet.

By applying for this service, it is assumed that the user has agreed to the contents of this agreement.

Types of purchase services

This service includes "home delivery purchase" and "over-the-counter purchase" in which goods are sent by courier.

Unless otherwise noted below, the text of this agreement is "home delivery purchase"

"Over-the-counter purchase" Commonly applied to.

Items that can be purchased

The products that can be purchased at our shop are basically the products handled by our shop such as watches and related accessories.

Items that cannot be purchased

Even if it falls under the preceding paragraph, the following items cannot be purchased.

  • Items that are not available at our shop.
  • Even if the products are handled, the following products cannot be purchased.
  • Those whose manufacturing unique number (serial number) cannot be identified.
  • Credit cards, shopping credits, etc. that have not been paid and the customer does not own the property.
  • Suspected stolen, counterfeit, or found items.
  • Own works and individual full-order products.
  • Other products that our shop has determined cannot be purchased

About the purchase price

When our shop makes a purchase, the amount to tell the customer is as follows.

  1. Temporary valuation amount ... We will inform you of the approximate valuation amount from the state you filled out in the valuation form.
  2. Final purchase price: The price after checking the appearance, operation, accessories, etc. after the product arrives.

If there is a difference between the condition entered in the assessment form and the actual product condition, the final purchase price will be changed. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Delivery method

If you use our purchase service, you can use "Cash on Delivery" with free shipping.

If you send it by yourself, the free shipping will be within the range based on Yamato Transport's fare table 60 size.

When using this service, please be sure to send it by Yamato Transport "Takkyubin delivery".

If you use another service with another delivery company or Yamato Transport, the free shipping service will not be applied.

We are not responsible for any damage or malfunction that occurs during the transportation of the product.

Yamato Transport's Takkyubin comes with compensation of up to 300,000 yen per package, but if you want to send more than that amount, please use the transportation insurance separately.

(Please contact Yamato Transport for details.)

About product inspection

We will check the operation and status of the product regardless of whether the purchase is successful or not.

At that time, the customer acknowledges the movement check by opening the back cover as necessary.

Establishment of sales contract

After contacting the final purchase price from our shop, when you receive a reply by e-mail etc. with the content that you agree to the final assessment price.

Or, if you do not receive a reply within 3 business days after sending the notification email of the final purchase amount to the customer, it will be accepted and it will be one of the times when the transfer is completed.

In addition to the above, we believe that you have received a certain amount of consent for the provisional assessment amount before shipping the product, so if the final purchase amount is the same as the provisional assessment amount, we will transfer the purchase amount.

About ownership of purchased products

As mentioned above, the ownership will be transferred to us when the sales contract is concluded.

Cancellation of sales contract

No cancellations will be accepted after the sales contract is concluded.

Transfer account and payment method of purchase amount

The purchase price will be a bank transfer.

If you use home delivery purchase or over-the-counter purchase, we will transfer the money to the account of the financial institution specified at the time of formal request.

The name of the transfer account must match the person who sold the identity verification document.

You cannot transfer money to an account in the name of another person for any reason.

About transfer fee of purchase amount

The first transfer will be made at our expense.

If the account information on the application form is incomplete, the customer will be responsible for the second and subsequent transfer fees.

About the expiration date of the assessed amount

The assessed amount is valid for 3 days from the date of contact.

If the assessment expiration date has passed, please apply for the assessment again.

About the deadline for deposit

Basically, it is one week from the date when the item arrives at our shop.

If you do not respond to the notification of the final purchase price, or if you can not respond to the lack of required documents, we will return the product by freight collect (paid by the customer).

Return of goods

If you cancel the item sent to our shop after provisional assessment, we will return it by freight collect.

About identity verification

Based on the antique business law, customers who use the purchase service will verify their identity.

Click here for a detailed explanation of identity verification. (About identity verification documents)

If you do not have an ID card with your current address, please attach the following documents to your ID card and we will accept it as a document to be submitted.

(However, the name and current address are clearly stated, and it is limited to those within 2 months from the issuance.)

・ Utility bills or receipts (electricity, gas, water)

・ Income tax / resident tax receipts and tax payment certificates

・ Receipt of social insurance premiums

・ Documents issued by government offices

Purchase of customers under 20 years old

We do not purchase customers under the age of 20.

If you receive something that is suspected of being stolen.

If there is a suspicion of stolen goods based on Article 15 of the Second-hand Goods Business Law, we will immediately notify the police station in charge.

About change of terms

The contents of this agreement may be revised (changed / added) without notice.


Matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by the antique business law and the antique business law enforcement regulations.