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アルビトロより大切なお知らせ - Arbitro

More important news than Albitro

It's pretty big news.

The title looks like something bad, but

Albitro will open a roadside store!

The opening schedule is around the end of July. (Soon)

The place is on the first floor of the current building.

Detailed address → "5-1-43 Hiroo ZERO 101, Shibuya-ku"

Roughly speaking, it is located at the midpoint between Hiroo and Ebisu (although the address is Hiroo).

I moved from Yoyogi-Uehara to this place around December last year, so I decided to move to this place soon after about half a year.

Originally, I moved to the current location as a "temporary store to find a roadside store", but the first floor of the building was vacant at a very good timing, so when I applied for it, it was OK. (I think you may be living in the same building)

The former tenant was the site where the main shop for custom suits called TEX TEQ, which was run by Kamakura Shirt, was located.

You can come without hesitation because it is on the first floor of the intersection along Meiji-dori.

Why a roadside store?

I had a plan for a roadside store for a long time, but there are several reasons.

・ I want you to experience the world of Albitro more not only on the web but also in real stores

・ Because it is a product that conveys the goodness of things by having people see the real thing.

・ Creating a community with Albitro as a hub

There are other reasons, but for the time being, that's the place.

I thought that the information would be released around the time the construction started, so I decided to announce it at this time.

Construction will finally begin next week.

For the past few months, I've been pretty fluttering towards the opening of this roadside store.

From now on, I will introduce what kind of store it will be like little by little.

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