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路面店舗の音響機器(スピーカー)が決定しました。 - Arbitro

The audio equipment (speaker) of the road surface store has been decided.

The audio equipment (speaker) of the roadside store has been decided.

It is a brand called DEVIALET.

Where did "French Tech" come from, which appeared in the magazine WIRED around June 2017? I first learned about Devialet in the article "What I learned by infiltrating the startup ecosystem in Paris."

I was quite worried, but at that time, I couldn't see the real thing because there was no place to handle it in Japan.

When I went to Hong Kong in October of the same year, I happened to be in Devialet at IFC Mall in Central (the ferry terminal that connects Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island). There was a showroom.

I remember being surprised when I listened to it as well as the design of the appearance.

The photo was taken at that time.

It's been 4 years since 2017, and you can finally listen to Devialet calmly.

This speaker is characterized by its amazing sound spread.

Devialet pursues innovations (hardware, software, internal and external design, manufacturing) that are particular about every corner in order to deliver a sound that has been refined to the utmost.

We built a dedicated factory for Phantom, hired talented people with various experiences in all industries, and designed our own robotic assembly process and quality assurance system.

With over 200 patents and over 90 awards, Phantom Speakers have reached unrivaled heights.

-Quoted from DEVIALET

I'm planning to put a record player so that I can listen to records.

I'm still wondering where to install the speakers.

Albitro's commitment is packed everywhere in this roadside store, and one of the elements is "sound."

I think most people haven't seen or heard it yet, so please look forward to it.

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