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新規路面店舗・内装工事の様子 Vol.1 - Arbitro

New road surface store / interior work Vol.1

The construction that started around the end of June is about to reach the middle stage.

We introduced the state after the restoration of the previous tenant before dismantling last time, but from this time we will introduce the state of construction.

First of all, please see the state after returning to the skeleton.

The floor and ceiling have been removed and pulled out. The original skeleton looks like this.

There are still doors and window frames left. When this is dismantled and removed. ..

It's gone cleanly. Now it's made of wood and looks like a temporary door.

I'm measuring how it feels when I put furniture down. I don't really understand this state because I have no choice but to think about the state I put in my imagination (laughs).

Many craftsmen come and go. At the time of this shooting, after the existing dismantling and removal, water supply and drainage pipe piping, marking, and skeleton painting are completed, the process of ceiling base, PB, wall surface GS, etc. is started.

It's finally time to start the process of becoming a store.

The things related to architecture and interiors are really subdivided into various fields, and there are as many specialized craftsmen as there are.

It is amazing that one store can be created with so many people involved in the scale of this store. It means that there are so many specialized jobs.

There are many points that I was particular about when creating a roadside store, but the parts in the top three photos are the parts that are particularly important.

You can't imagine what it would be like in this state. I don't know the whole picture yet, but especially the third photo is an element that other shops don't have much. I think.

Seven tools of craftsmen. This is the real Tools. The tools that professionals actually use are cool.

The part on the right side when viewed from the entrance. Just facing Meiji-dori, the most noticeable place in the shop. This is also a space with elements that are not found in other watchmakers.

I've been reading books such as store architecture for a long time because I'm studying design and interior, but since I actually made a roadside store, I've been looking at various books and the internet more seriously. I thought about what to do.

This time, I asked his designer to give shape to Albitro's ideal (world view). Even so, it's not a pattern that is left to the usual designers, but a feeling that the opinions that we have are taken into consideration.

On top of that, we proceeded in the form of having the designer's experience and essence added well. (I think he was a noisy client (laughs))

I will introduce the designer's name etc. again when all the construction work is completed.

It's a roadside store, but it's not what Albitro wants to do to be too many "shops / shops" that just sell things.

If it's a shop just for selling watches, you don't have to make this place, this size or interior.

Bracket lights and logos will be placed on this façade surface. Now when the wooden board is completed, the atmosphere should change drastically.

Assuming that the completion is 100%, I think that the schedule (process chart) is currently about 30% -45%.

Please look forward to the construction work.

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