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新規路面店舗・内装工事前の様子 - Arbitro

State before new road surface store / interior construction

The interior work of the roadside store has finally begun, but I think that it will be better to see what it was like before the work (even during the business of Mr. Kamakura Shirt), so I think that the state before the work will be different. I would like to introduce you.

I think most people haven't seen the process of opening a store so much, but I think everyone is interested, so I'll release more and more of the part in the middle.

I'm also taking pictures of the ongoing construction, so I would like to share how the construction is progressing until completion. (The state of construction will be next time)

The previous tenant was TEX TEQ, which was run by Kamakura Shirt, and was the main store for custom suits.

The feature is the design that the door is located where the façade (main entrance) facing the main street is set back a little. The

sign was on the pillar next to the main entrance.

Because the shop mainly sells custom suits, the overall design is based on the image of a classical atmosphere.

Let's look from the opposite side of the intersection. It's quiet because the shop isn't open.

By the way, the part facing Meiji-dori was used as a display for the show window.

Let's take a look inside.

It's beautiful because it's after the restoration work is completed.

Ceiling lighting and solid wood floorboards can be reused as they are, but this time we will return to the skeleton state and then perform new interior work.

The inside of the store before it was restored to its original state. They are lined up in a row on the furniture from the ceiling to the floor.

Photos taken from the same angle.

A view of the left side after entering the entrance. There was a restroom at the door. There used to be a large fixture. There was a restroom in the store space, so this will be relocated.

As you may know if you have done store construction, it costs a lot of money to construct the water supply and exhaust equipment. However, this time there was an element I really wanted to put in, so I moved the place.

Also, the exhaust and ventilation equipment are constantly replaced so that the interior can accommodate the corona.

This road is a loophole to Minami Aoyama through the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, so many taxis pass through it.

But when the door is closed, the outside noise is not a concern. The window frame is also made of wood before the interior work, but this will also change.

At the previous store, this was the role of the entrance plus the show window.

This is the part. This time, this part will also be expanded with major construction work. The façade part has an intersection and is a face that connects to the Hiroo shopping district, so I designed it with that in mind.

Next, I would like to introduce the state of construction.

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