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36mmケースの"BIG OYSTER" - Arbitro
Watch Review

"BIG OYSTER" in 36mm case

Rolex Oyster Precision 6424 Big Oyster.

Speaking of hand-wound Rolex in the Oyster case, it is a 34mm case, but this is a fairly rare 36mm case diameter.

What is unusual about the big oyster with a 36mm case is that the lug width is 20mm as well as the size of the case.

Normally it is 19mm, but the difference of 1mm is quite big.

Basically, except for sports models, the lug width is 19mm (Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, etc.), but this big oyster is quite rare at 20mm.

In terms of rarity, it's good that almost no one suffers.

However, considering the stainless steel bracelet, the 20mm stainless steel bracelet of this age was attached to the sports model, so the number is small and it is extremely expensive.

We recommend using NATO belts during the sweaty season, and leather belts during other seasons.

Albitro always advocates, but when choosing a watch with a dress-like element (appearance), if the arm circumference is about 15.5 cm to 17.5 cm, "34 mm or 36 mm" I think the case size is just the right size.

It is recommended that divers and chronographs have a little more volume, but I think that a watch with a simple bezel and design will fit comfortably in the arm with a case diameter of 34 mm to 36 mm.

This fit is just right.

Is the claim of the watch itself too big if the size of the dress watch is large? I think that.

Like a watch manufactured in the 1950s, the design of the second hand, short hand, and long hand is not an ordinary bar design, but an elaborate design such as an alpha hand (hand) and a wedge (wedge) shaped index. Also ◎

By the way, alpha seems to mean number 1 in Greek. This alpha hand seems to have been used by Rolex until the mid-1960s.

The design has a vintage feel everywhere, but this time Airy's has also been inspected for a waterproof function of 5 atmospheres (50 m). (* Waterproof guarantee is not included.)

As expected, a Rolex oyster case. Structurally, it is easy for the first water to enter from the crown part, but it is amazing that it has passed the waterproof inspection of 5 atm.

Clocks made over 50 years ago can be used normally. If it's a car, it's a pretty vintage car, but it's a Rolex watch.

This watch proves that if you use it carefully and maintain it at the right time, you can use it with its performance maintained for more than 50 years.

Isn't it a watch that can be used for the next 50 years if you think about using it from now on?

This Rolex Oyster Precision 6424 Big Oyster is a watch that meets all of the analog feel of hand-wound, vintage design, quality and rarity.

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