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Cartier Tank Basculante... Polish   Before / After - Arbitro
Repair Guide

Cartier Tank Basculante ... Polish Before / After

Cartier tanks, vasculants, Santos Galve Santos Octagon, etc. Mechanical (self-winding / manual winding), quartz, etc. We request repairs of various Cartier watches.

Now that we have consented to the introduction, let's take a look at the differences between Cartier Tank Basculante and Cartier Tank Basculant polish (before and after repairing the new finish).

By the way, Cartier Vasculant is such a model.

Basculante, which is extremely rare in tanks, has a case that can be rotated and turned inside out.

Let's take a look at Cartier Tank Vasculant here.

It seems that the verb bascular, which means "rotate ...", has become participle, and that female verb is basculante.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch comes to mind when you think of a watch with a rotating case.

This tank His vasculant is the first watch sold in 1932, a year after Reverso was launched.

The mechanism by which the case rotates was originally created by an engineer (designer) of a company called "Spécialités Horlogères SA".

The two watches seem to have something to do with each other, as the company later became part of Jaeger-LeCoultre and there was a deep collaboration between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier.

The difference between the two is that the Reverso rotates horizontally and the tank vasculant rotates vertically.

Reverso has the back side of its birth that it was equipped with a rotating mechanism to protect the watch when playing the sport of Polo, but the tank his vasculant has not been revealed.

However, I think there is no doubt that watches at that time were sought after because the windshield was easily scratched and fragile, so there was no need to worry about it.

It has a three-layer structure consisting of the case of the watch part including the dial on the innermost side, the case of the rotation mechanism with stones on the outer side, and the case of the entire watch on the outermost side.

Let's see how much the state before polishing is scratched

・ Before ... Click here for the state before polishing.

It is difficult to understand the state of the case at this distance, so if you take a closer look ...

If you take a closer look with a macro, you can see many small scratches on the very end of the case. There are also scratches on the inner case.

I can't help it if I use it normally, but dress-type watches are something that really bothers me.

Let's check the condition before polishing from a slightly different angle.

It doesn't look like this just by looking at it with the naked eye, but if you take a picture with a camera and take a closer look, you can see small scratches.

More up. I think this is easy to understand.

Next, please also check the back side.

It's easy to see that the back side of the satin finish has more small scratches.

The back cover of the surface that hits the wrist. It's usually invisible to humans, but it's annoying.

How much this condition changes with polishing ...

・ After ... Click here for the state after finishing a new product.

I will put up the photo of the state before polishing again below. You can see that small scratches and scratches were conspicuous in various parts.

In the state before polishing, you can see that there are long scratches on the vertically streaked finish (satin finish) and many small scratches on the edge of the case.

What happens after this is polished ...

As you can see by looking at the upper right part, you can see that the scratches have disappeared. Moreover, the satin finish is included exactly.

The difference in finish is easy to understand by comparing the case at the end and the part inside it.

There are no small scratches on the case. It's so beautiful in the close-up photo, so it's in pretty good condition when you actually see it with the naked eye.

Looking up more

It looks like a new product with the difference in finish.

The small scratches that were there have disappeared and it looks like a mirror.

Let's get closer.

It's difficult to express in a photograph, but it's a difference in cloudiness compared to before polishing

Next, let's check the back side as well. First, check the condition before polishing again.

There are many long scratches such as line scratches.

So what happened to this ...

The scratches are removed like this, and the satin finish is also included in a beautiful state.

You can see it better when you get closer. The Cartier logo is fashionable.

If this logo or other engraving is included, the difficulty of polishing will increase, but as expected, Airy's, the finish is perfect.

Where did those small scratches go? It's gone.

After all, the quality will be different if the craftsman who polishes it is finished.

This time, from an inquiry on the web, Cartier Tank asked for polishing (new finish) along with overhaul of his vasculant.

Frederick Piguet's hand-wound movement is included at the time of request. Is it possible to overhaul? Regarding the point, is it possible to polish the scratches caused by long-term use, especially the back surface that hits the wrist? I received an inquiry, but I overhauled it firmly and further polished it to make it so beautiful.

When the watch that was completed was delivered to the customer, I received such a happy word.

"Thank you for your help. I received the watch safely. It is a complicated watch with a mirror surface and hairline, but it has been polished very beautifully and it has returned sharpness. Thank you for this time. . "

Thank you for your request! It seems that you were pleased with it. After all, it feels better to have a dress watch in a clean state without any scratches.

In such a case, we accept requests for polishing work alone, so please feel free to contact us. In addition to polishing, it is recommended to overhaul once every 2-3 years.

Because the movement can be maintained in good condition, the running cost can be suppressed and it can be used in good condition for a long time. Mechanical watches always require regular maintenance along with the car.

Even if something goes wrong with people, if you continue to use it forcibly, it will rattle.

If you haven't overhauled this watch at all so that you can continue to use it for a long time, please try to overhaul it as soon as possible. Oh, at that time, please ask Albitro (laughs)


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