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GRAND SEIKO FIRST(1ST) J14070 - Arbitro
New Arrival

Column G D Seiko Phil RST (1ST) J14070

Grand Seiko 1st First (1st GS, 1st Grand Seiko) is in stock.
Grand Seiko First, which has a very good case, dial, and hands, is hard to find on the market.
You can check the condition of the watch on the product page, so let's see it in the actual wearing condition this time.
case is 35mm and the model's arm circumference is 16.5cm.
Grand Seiko First in such good condition is a level I have never seen. Looking at the pictures, this beauty is amazing. I like the design of the short and long hands like Patek Philippe's Patek Philippe.
A well-balanced design from any angle. The index, hands, case and lugs are all calculated. Isn't it really fun to actually wear this Seiko's proud historic watch?
The good thing about Grand Seiko First is that it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from a clicky style like a suit to a slightly casual look. I'm addicted to the style of denim pants and a coat with a slightly elegant material on the top.
Not too big, not too small. Just size. It's a little smaller than the current watches, but it's exactly the size of a vintage watch.
I'm pulling a suitcase with the image of going on a trip. It's still difficult now, but I think this watch is definitely for those who often go abroad. People who know a little about watches should say, "You have a good watch."
Seiko watches are highly valued overseas rather than domestically. Maybe it's because overseas people evaluate from a flat perspective regardless of the brand name.
On the SEIKO page " In 1960, when Swiss-made watches were synonymous with luxury watches, the essence of watch technology cultivated up to that point was put together to create" the best domestically produced watch that challenges the world. Grand Seiko was born with the aspiration of "making luxury watches." ", With the determination to "make the world's finest wristwatches", the first model of "Grand Seiko" was born by injecting all of the parts accuracy, assembly technology, and adjustment technology based on the model called Crown.
In the world of watches, Seiko has established a solid position as a Japanese brand, but it may be said that this watch is the historical model that determines its reputation.
If you want a Seiko vintage watch, you will definitely find it in "What you want someday" Grand Seiko He is the first.
It's not just a watch, it's a model that makes a name for itself in history, but it's also the best watch in terms of design and size, and it's used in modern times.
Wouldn't Japanese people want to wear this kind of watch?
While using this watch, it will be passed on to the next generation in the future. It's such a watch.

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