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Watch Review


Longines Triple Calendar Moon Phase 18 Gold YG. Unless you are a very watch lover, the Longines brand may not be a candidate.

Nowadays, it is in a position like a cheap watch brand, but in the past, when it came to imported watches, it was synonymous with luxury watches such as Patek Rolex Longines. Founded in 1832, it is the first manufacturer in Switzerland to manufacture everything in-house and have a system called Manufacture.

Longines developed the movement "Cal.20H" equipped with a simple chronograph function in 1878, and the movement "13.33Z" in 1913 like a simple push-button chronograph watch. Has created the "Cal.13ZN", which is called one of the best chronograph movements.

This Cal.13ZN is a true in-house chronograph movement and is still highly regarded. Watches equipped with this Cal.13ZN are trading at fairly high prices.

Also known as the Longines of technology, such as setting a new record in the Neuchâtel Observatory Watch Chronometer category with a high-beat movement of 36,000 per hour at the 1959 Observatory Competition.

A model equipped with a triple calendar moon phase, and the moon-shaped red pointer date is impressive.

Imagine when you have a suitcase and click.

It's nice to have a watch that you can glimpse from the feeling of being hidden in this sleeve.

The classic detail called Onion Crown is also ◎

It is a solid gold case of yellow gold, but it feels astringent and shiny. The three hands and the applied index are also gold.

The white dial tends to look larger than the numerical value, but this watch has a 32mm case diameter and a triple calendar design, so it's just the right size.

A feeling of size and design not found in current watches. Longines in the hand-wound tricale moon phase.

How about a watch made with attention to all parts such as the solid 18-karat gold case and the details such as the bezel and crown?

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