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How to Rotate Cartier Tank Basculante - Arbitro
How To

How to Rotate Cartier Tank Basculante

Cartier Tank Basculante SM Gray Roman Dial

Cartier Tank Vasculant

Vasculant with a rotating case structure.

It's amazing that such a small case rotates.

But are you curious about how to rotate it?

First of all, about which part rotates.

In the photo above, it consists of (1) a pure case on the outermost side → (2) a case with a stone → (3) an innermost case with a crown, but it is movable (2). Part ③.

The case of ② is tilted about 95 degrees, and the case of ③ is rotated. But I can't imagine how it actually works.

The original blueprint looks like this. Looking at this, is the case of ② about 100 degrees? Well, 95 and 100 don't change much (though people who design and manufacture may get angry), so it leans that much.

Let's see how to move it.

There is a little gap like this. When you want to move the case, gently pull up the slightly raised part on the stone with your nails. (Be careful not to damage the strap)

Then, the case ② with stones will stand up.

Raise the case of ② by about 45 degrees, and when viewed from the front, it looks like the picture above.

It's easy to understand if you tilt it sideways. The case of ② with stones stands up at 45 degrees to the case of ①.

The case of ③ is attached to the center of the case of ② with screws.

With this central part as the axis, it spins like a horizontal bar going upside down.

When operating the crown (when you want to set the time), also operate after pulling out the case of the crown part like this. (Gently pull the crown up one step)

It looks like the case of ③ is spinning.

If you set the cases of ② and ③ to 90 degrees, the Cartier logo is hidden inside the case of ①.

It is ◎ that I work hard even in such parts that I can not usually see, and I am playful

I turned over the case with the dial of ③ and returned it to its original state. (The shooting light is reflected on the case.)

It looks like an empty clock, and this is an ant. A watch with such a design? It's a duck that I think is true.

It's not a clock because I don't know the time. (If you want to know the time, check it on your smartphone)

It's fashionable to use it as an accessory, isn't it?

But why did you decide to turn it over? Don't you think?

In the case of Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, there was a request to make a watch that wouldn't break when playing sports polo, and there was a reason to make a watch like this, but what about Cartier?

This is the end of the explanation of how to rotate, but I think that it is hard to understand which is the original state by looking at various pictures.

Let's check the normal condition again.

Oh yeah, this is it! But I haven't seen the back side of this original state yet. ..

That's right. I haven't introduced the back of the case yet in this state.

Then, turn the watch over in the state shown in the above picture. ..

It looks like this. It has a satin finish and is refreshing and simple.

The letters "Cartier" engraved on the case are fashionable.

Now that we've talked about finishing the case, let's take a look at that part as well.

The outermost case of ① is mirror-finished, the case with stones of ② is satin-finished, and the case of ③ is mirror-finished.

It may be difficult to understand in this photo, so if you look at it more closely. ..

It's quite elaborate. The craftsman's polishing work is difficult (laughs)

You may not usually take a closer look, but Cartier makes a subtle difference in appearance due to this difference in finish.

It is true that we are particular about such details.

Both Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and Cartier Tank Vasculant were the first models to be sold in the early 1930s.

This design was originally created by the engineer (designer) of "Spécialités Horlogères SA".

From its design, Reverso has a history of becoming a horizontal rotation clock and a vertical rotation clock in Cartier's tank.

Of course I was attracted to the design, but what kind of background did this watch come from? If you know that, you will be more interested in it.

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