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手巻きのオイスターデイト プレシジョン 6694を知る - Arbitro
Watch Review

ROLEX Oyster Date Precision 6694

Oyster Date Precision, a long-selling hand-wound model produced from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Speaking of the classic Rolex model, the hand-wound Oyster Date Precision Ref.6694 isn't it?

Equipped with a 34mm oyster case and a hand-wound movement, this model features a thinner case and a very light watch itself compared to the self-winding one.

Even with

attached, you won't feel the weight of the watch, and the case size of 34mm makes it a size that can be used by both men and women.

The clock in the photo is made in 1963. It's a vintage atmosphere of the 1960s with genuine rivet breath.

It is recommended for those who are thinking about purchasing Rolex for the first time with a budget, or those who are looking for a hand-wound Rolex with a vintage design that is not found in current watches around the 1960s.

A model that is often introduced as an introduction to Vintage Rolex because it is the most affordable.

As the "-T SWISS T-" at 6 o'clock on the dial shows, the potch (night light) attached to the end of the index is also nice. Looking at the side of the breath piece, the design with rivets is also good.

This has the role of connecting frames, but even if you look at it as a design, it's a vintage design that isn't present.

Isn't the dial in good condition and the rivet breath in good condition?

The case and bezel have a certain age, but considering the age, I personally think that it is better to have an atmosphere. (On the contrary, if it is an unused case with the edge of the corner of the rug standing up, it is not unreasonable to use it and it may be left in the safe.)

As I have said many times, the good thing about the hand-wound Rolex is that in addition to the vintage design, the size of the 34mm oyster case and the weight including the breath are extremely light.

In addition, the hand-wound movement is structurally simpler and more reasonable than the self-winding movement, so it is hard to break and is extremely long-lasting and sturdy.

That's why it can still be used normally even after more than 50 years (about 60 years for this watch). For those who are new to Rolex, of course, those who have several watches prefer to buy this hand-wound watch.

Divers, chronographs, and current dress watches are unavoidably heavier due to their increased toughness, but sometimes they feel heavy after being used for a long time.

I don't think that the hand-wound Rolex is perfect for when I go shopping in the neighborhood or when I want to wear it a little lightly.

A watch with a simple design that eliminates waste.

Because it is hand-wound, you can enjoy the analog feeling and the feeling of having (using) a watch. not?

Maybe that's why record sales are steadily increasing in an era when listening to digital music such as Spotify is becoming commonplace.

In summary, it means that there is no loss in having one. It's affordable.

A duck that can be changed to a NATO strap in the summer.

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