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ROLEX Instruction ロレックス 操作方法など - Arbitro
How To

How To Use Rolex Watch

I made a simple manual for those who are buying Rolex for the first time.

The basic operation method is almost the same for watches other than Rolex, so please refer to it.

Names of each part of Oyster

・ A ... Crystal (windshield) B ... Bezel C ... Flash fit D ... Crown E ... Case

Sapphire Crystal ... Rolex Oyster Sapphire Crystal is attached to the case without applying excessive force, and has a structure that increases airtightness by external pressure.

Bezel ... The bezel structure of the oyster case has the function of firmly fixing the sapphire crystal to the case body, and it has a structure that maintains airtightness by applying external pressure like the sapphire crystal.

Crown (crown) ... It is a screw-in type to improve waterproofness.

Dial ... About the meaning of the words on the dial

・ OYSTER ... It means that you are using a highly waterproof Rolex Oyster case.

・ PERPETUAL ... A movement equipped with a Rolex self-winding mechanism

・ SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED ... It is a proof that the movement of this watch is chronometer certified.

・ SWISS MADE ... Made in Switzerland

Clasp adjustment

Double lock type Ref. 78690 Triple Oyster SS Hard Breath (Stainless Steel Bracelet)

Make fine adjustments in the clasp holes. Fine adjustments such as loosening and just size are made in this side hole.

How to use the self-winding watch

If you are starting to use or stopped, please use it after manually winding the mainspring with the lock released (see the figure above).

Pull the crown in two steps and wind it upward about 20 times. It will move for about 48 hours or more depending on the movement when it is fully rolled up.

How long it moves is called "power reserve". For the ROLEX EXPLOER 1 Ref.114270 Cal.3130 in the photo, the full power reserve is 48 hours.

About time adjustment

If you unlock the crown and then move it to the 2-step pull position, the second hand will stop (this is called the hack function)

Turn the crown upwards to move the hands (long hand) clockwise. When setting the time, basically turn the hands clockwise so as not to put a burden on the movement.

To distinguish between morning and afternoon, turn the hands once until the date changes. There is no mistake if you set it from midnight when the date changed.

After setting the time, be sure to tighten the crown firmly to its original position.

About date garnish

Fast forward date

The calendar (date) changes when the crown is turned with the crown locked removed and pulled one step.

However, please note that if you perform this operation during the date feed prohibition time zone, it may lead to a malfunction of the movement.

(The explanation of the date feed prohibition time zone is explained below.)

* If the watch is old from the 1960s to the 1970s and a movement in the 1000s such as Cal.1570 is used, it does not have a fast-forward function.

For the Cal.1000 series movement, remove the crown lock and turn the minute hand with the crown pulled one step to advance the date.

Movements with a fast-forward function have been in the Cal.3000 series.

Date feed prohibited time zone

Fast-forwarding the date during the date-forwarding prohibition time may cause the movement to malfunction. It is troublesome to feed the date, but be sure to set the hands to 0 o'clock before doing so.

Date sending prohibited time zone ... A time zone of about 8 hours from 20:00 to 4:00 the next morning. Do not advance the date if there is a hand 4 hours before and after midnight.

The reason is that the parts (teeth of the parts) that send the calendar gradually mesh with each other from around 20:00. This will finally leave after 4 am.

This is because if the date feed is forcibly performed while the teeth of this part are in mesh, the part will be overloaded and may lead to a failure.

It is sure to send the date between 6:00 (6:00 AM) and 9:00 (9:00 AM)

Day-Date Day-Date date / day of the week

Remove the crown lock, pull it one step and turn it to the back (clockwise) to change the date, and turn it to the front (counterclockwise) to change the day of the week.

About hand-wound watches (Precision, Cellini, etc.)

Rolex Precision with a hand-wound movement ...

Rolex Cellini winds up by the following method.

About manual winding (winding)

The Oyster case model winds up by repeating the operation of turning the crown clockwise and returning it a little at the position where the crown lock is released.

Cellini winds up in the same way as above, leaving the crown position unchanged.

Is it rolled up? Is a sign that the crown becomes heavier as it gets closer to winding, so the heavier state is winding up.

If you forcibly wind it up any more, the inside zebra will break and it will break down.

Don't forget to return the crown to its original position when the winding is complete.

How to set the time

For precisions such as the Oyster case model, remove the crown lock, pull it one step, and turn the hands.

Cellini does not have a crown lock, so gently pull the crown one step and then set the time.

Please turn clockwise when setting the time.

About fast-forwarding dates

Since the fast-forward function is not attached, keep turning the hands to set the date in the same way as setting the time.

* In this case, it is not possible to reverse it, so it is troublesome, but please turn the hands clockwise

Explanation of terms

・ CHRONOMETER chronometer

This "CHRONOMETER chronometer" can only be labeled on movements that have passed rigorous tests conducted over 15 days and nights by the Swiss Authorized Chronometer Inspection Association (COCS).

・ Sapphire glass (sapphire crystal)

Manufactured by adding artificially made (synthetic) sapphire, it is a material that is hard and transparent and is not easily scratched in normal use.

Rolex Oyster crystals (windshields) are designed to become more airtight as external pressure (external pressure) is applied.

It is a very hard and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, but please note that it may crack or chip if it is hit hard or dropped.

When it comes to replacement, genuine Rolex sapphire crystals are very expensive.

・ Crown (crown)

The Rolex Oyster crown is "screw-in" for added water resistance.

The screw thread on the inside of the crown and the screw thread on the tube of the case (main body side) are engaged and tightened firmly, and the airtightness is improved by covering it with rubber packing.

This firm tightening is an important point to maintain waterproofness, so be sure to check that the crown is screwed in (tightened) when setting the time or manually winding.

Precautions for use

-Rolex is known for its sturdy watches, but since it is a precision instrument, be careful not to drop it or make a strong impact.

・ Please refrain from using in intense sports such as golf and batting cages.

-Models using a gold case may discolor or be damaged if chemicals or mercury adhere to them.

・ If you have allergic symptoms, itching or a rash, please refrain from using it immediately and consult a specialist.

・ Be careful not to bring it close to anything that emits strong magnetism. Items that emit magnetism, such as magnetic bracelets.

It may cause advancement, delay, or inaccuracies.

Time is delayed, stopped the next day, etc.

The winding may not be performed sufficiently depending on your environment.

Especially in an environment where you are indoors all day with only desk work, it is often not possible to wind it up sufficiently, so we recommend that you wind it by hand before using it.

If the product is stopped the next day or is delayed for 5 minutes or more even though it is normally used, there is a high possibility that there is something wrong with the movement, so please contact us once. .

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