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Omega Constellation is a vintage Omega watch that can be said to be a staple along with the Seamaster, and the case shape called "C line case" is especially famous.

Gerald Genta, the creator of this design called the C-line case.

He was the watch designer who designed Audemars Piguet's "Royal Oak" and Patek Philippe's "Nautilus", and this C-line case also expanded Gerald Genta's fame.

The mounted movement is Cal.564, which is self-winding. This movement is a chronometer specification Cal.561 with a date fast forward function (quick change) added.

It is a machine that represents Omega in the 1960s, which is a chronometer standard. The operation method is to set the time by pulling the crown one step, and the date is fast-forwarded each time the crown is pulled another step.

Fast-forwarding on this date pulls the crown two steps, but if you don't do it gently, it may cause a malfunction, so pull it slowly.

Cal.564 is the last model in the Cal.500 series, which is the most highly rated Omega movement.

By the way, Cal.561 is a self-winding watch with the same chronometer, but it does not have a fast-forward date function.

The buckle is also an elaborate design with two types of finishes. Omega's Ω mark is also applied.

The lug part is also a design that combines a satin finish with streaks and a mirror finish.It's a lot of work.

Speaking of constellations, this observatory and stars aren't they? Constellation means "constellation".

Is this not just a star or a constellation, but a chronometer certification (a competition for accuracy) in Switzerland at the New Chatel Observatory and the Geneva Observatory? I think.

The back side is not usually shown to people, so the person who owns it will enjoy it quietly.

The good thing about vintage watches is that they spend money and effort on such invisible places.

The characters of the constellation are cute. The silk-grained dial looks like textiles and is fashionable.

This Ω mark appears on the genuine Omega windshield.

There are many variations of the OMEGA constellation dial, but the silk-grained design is truly vintage.

The case diameter of 34mm may feel smaller than the current product, but there are some dress elements in the design, so if you have an arm circumference of 17cm or less, I think it's just the right size. increase.

The constellation can be said to be a model that combines the elements of product, design and size, and a movement that can be used with peace of mind. .

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