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ROLEX Sea-Dweller 16600 - Arbitro
Watch Review

ROLEX Sea-Dweller 16600

"Ref.16600", the third generation of Sea-Dweller manufactured from 1991 to 2008

There is no big difference in appearance from the previous model 16660 (confusing!), But the biggest difference is that the movement has been changed from Cal.3035 to cal.3135.

I think many people compare it to the Submariner Date 16610, which was made around the same time as this Sea-Dweller 16600, but the most important thing is the weight and thickness.

・ Sea-Dweller 16600 ... Approximately 150g / Thickness ... 14.6mm

・ Submariner 16610 ... approx. 135g / thickness ... 12.5mm

The weight is about 15g and the thickness is about 2mm different.

The problem is the thickness within the margin of error that you can not understand at all even if you wear 15g. When I actually wear both of them and compare them, I honestly don't feel that much difference.

The movement is Cal.3135, which is the same for both 16600 and 16610, so it seems to be a matter of taste.

The case diameter is 40mm, but it's a diver's watch, so it fits nicely.

I think that a watch with a dress element in the design, such as a smooth bezel (plain bezel), should be about 36 mm, but a chronograph or diver watch should be about 38 mm to 40 mm. I think about it.

It's about 16.5 cm around the arm, so if you have a thicker arm around 42 mm, you can do it at all.

It's amazing that the completed design doesn't feel old at all even now in 2020.

Speaking of design, it is a small change, but the horizontal hole in the lug part has disappeared since 2003.

There was also a change that the crown mark watermark was added at 6 o'clock on the windshield at the same timing.

The dial is up and the notation "SWISS MADE" is included, so it means Luminova Luminous.

Regarding the notation of this luminous, the notation representing the luminous of the dial was changed to SWISS-T <25 → SWISS → SWISS MADE in accordance with the change from tritium luminous to luminova from around 1998.

By the way, the notation of "SWISS" only is called "only SWISS", and it is said that it was manufactured only for one year from 1998 to 1999.

Since it was made only for one year during the transition period from tritium to luminova, this only "SWISS" was manufactured at the same time as Explorer I, GMT Master, Submariner, etc. in addition to this Sea-Dweller. I have a dial.

The difference from the Submariner is that the back cover is engraved.

It is a proof that ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE and escape valve mechanism are provided.

This is the escape valve.

To briefly explain this mechanism, the helium gas that entered during diving expands during decompression when ascending and escapes to prevent the windshield from being damaged.

This watch was originally made for professional divers, so it has such a mechanism.

The bracelet is "93160A", which is different from the previous "93160" in that the extension bracelet is equipped with a malfunction prevention lock.

Twin Rock Breath

Click the lock part while wearing it.

A photo from the side where the thickness is easy to understand. I don't care about the thickness at all.

It's cool to make a monochrome photo. I think it's a good idea to have a sea-dweller.

If you are considering the Rolex Submariner 116610LN, it's the same 40mm, but the lugs are thicker, so how about it? I think hesitate.

Let's see how much the difference looks.

This is a picture of the Rolex Submariner 116610LN. Doesn't it feel a little bigger than the Sea-Dweller 16600?

Numerically, it's the same 40mm, so it's the same, but I felt that the Submariner 116610LN was a little bigger.

I hope you can refer to this area as well.

There is no big damage and the finish of the rug is also ◎

Instructions, green tags, red tags


Outer box and inner box.

Submariner and Sea-Dweller can be mentioned as candidates of the same genre, but if it is a 5-digit part number, it can be worn with the same feeling as Submariner, so it is ant at all. .

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