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ROLEX DATEJUST 116234 - Arbitro
Watch Review


Rolex Datejust 116234

The 6-digit part number Ref.116234 was announced in 2005 and was manufactured until 2019 when the next generation model, Ref.126234, was announced.

The arm circumference of the wearing model is about 16.5 cm, so it's about the standard Japanese list size.

Jubilee bracelet with 18K white gold fluted bezel called Loresol and 904L stainless steel.

The contrast between the mirror finish and the satin finish with vertical streaks, which you can see if you look closely, is the accent of the design.

The finish of the rug part is truly Rolex.

I don't feel the thickness of the case so much, and it is comfortable to wear. The feeling of sticking to the skin of Jubilee Breath is quite ◎

A three-dimensional Roman numeral index that looks like it's floating. The simple design is accented with Roman numerals.

A concealed clasp with an inconspicuous buckle. You don't know where the seams are.

This part can be moved by raising the part shaped like the crown logo.

The size of the 36mm case is just right for the wrist, not too big or too small.

The black-colored dial looks tight, so it looks smaller than the numbers.

I think Rolex Datejust has a luxurious feel and a case and breath that can withstand everyday use, but how about it?

One of the reasons for choosing a watch that you will never let go of is that it has a dress element.

Datejust is an easy-to-use model that can be used regardless of whether it is on or off, so it is a watch that will not hurt to have one.


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