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ROLEX Datejust 16234と116234の比較 - Arbitro
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Comparison of ROLEX Datejust 16234 and 116234

About the difference between Rolex Datejust "16234" and "116234".

Manufacturing period

Datejust "16234" (5-digit part number) is a model that was sold from around 1988 to 2005.

The model "116234" (6-digit part number), which is next to Ref.16234, was on sale from 2005 to 2018.

By the way, the next generation Datejust "126234" is on sale from 2019.


Datejust 16234 (5-digit part number) ... Cal.3135 / 28,800 Vibration / Power reserve 48 hours

Datejust 116234 (6 digit part number) ... Cal.3135 / 28,800 Vibration / Power reserve 48 hours

The movement uses the same "Cal.3135" for both product numbers.

The movement has changed from "Ref.126234".

Cal.3235 is used for this Ref.126234, and the power reserve has increased from 48 hours to 70 hours compared to the Cal.3135 installed in Ref.116234.

Bracelet design

A combination model that combines 18ct of gold and stainless steel called Loresol.

Rolex refers to Rolex, which uses a combination of 18ct white gold and steel for the bezel that combines brilliance with dignity, luxury, robustness and reliability.

The word "Roresol" was registered trademark by Rolex in 1933.

Speaking of Datejust, a 36mm oyster case with a fluted bezel is a design that can be recognized as a Rolex at a glance with five jubilee breath models.

(In addition to the fluted bezel, there are also models of the engine-turned bezel and smooth bezel in Datejust)

This design has been completed from the beginning with a case size of 36 mm.

Also, the fluted bezel is made only of gold, which seems to give it a luxurious feel.

Since "904L stainless steel" is used for the other parts, it is sturdy and resistant to rust.

What has changed between Datejust Ref.116234 and the previous generation? The case size is the same as the previous model "16234", but the design has changed.

The design has been changed to give a voluminous feel to the rug part. The biggest difference in appearance from the 5-digit part number is this point.

This is the previous generation Datejust 16234. The rug part is refreshing.

Also, the finish of the case is a hairline finish in the previous generation, but it is a mirror finish after 116234.

Click here for Datejust 16234 with 5-digit part number. You can see that the finish is clearly different when compared with 116234.

The Jubilee Breath piece, which was hollow in the previous generation, has been changed to innocent, so it has increased considerably in terms of strength. It's a little heavier by that amount.

Also, the flash fit has been changed to an integrated type, and it looks neat and beautiful.

Buckle clasp

The buckle part is quite different. The previous generation is a single buckle, while the current product is a concealed crown clasp that is used only for part of the day-date and precious metal datejust for women.

The buckle of the previous generation 16234 is a single lock buckle. Classic design from now on.

It's simple and refreshing, and this is good here.

Current product Datejust 116234 clasp. This concealed type crown clasp moves the upper crown part.

Since the crown part is popping out, I am worried that it will not come off when I put it on and take it off, but the mechanism is such that the load escapes by moving the crown part.

By the way, since 2007, a pedestal has been attached to this crown part, making it more difficult to remove and strengthening.

This jubilee bracelet is made up of 5 pieces, but if you look closely, the 2 large pieces on the outside have a hairline finish, and the 3 pieces inside have a different mirror finish and finish.

Such a detailed design has a great influence on the overall balance.

Roulette engraving / luminous paint

From 2006, the inner part between the bezel and the dial has been changed to the use called roulette engraving.

The crown logo will be engraved at 12 o'clock, the serial number will be engraved at 6 o'clock, and the ROLEX characters will be engraved on the other parts.

Datejust 16234 does not have any markings.

The roulette stamp has a strong meaning of preventing counterfeiting.

Luminous paint was changed to Luminova from 1997 to 2006 and Chromalite from 2007.

To summarize the differences between the previous generation Ref.16234 and Ref.116234

-Stainless steel material is now "904L stainless steel"

-Changed to a design with volume on the lug part (case size is the same 36 mm)

・ The finish of the case is a mirror finish

・ The piece of the Jubilee bracelet is a solid type

・ Flash fit is integrated

・ The buckle part of the Jubilee bracelet has been changed to a concealed crown clasp

・ The dial with luminous light was changed from Luminova to Chromalite from around 2007

The numerical value is the same 36 mm, but the fact that the design has been changed to a slightly voluminous design compared to the 5-digit part number seems to be the difference between whether or not the current product Ref.116234 can be selected.

The current 6-digit Datejust of 12 ○○○○ such as Ref.126234 has returned to the same crisp design as the 4-digit part number Ref.16 ○○○ (16234).

I actually saw a 6-digit part number starting with 12 ~ such as Datejust 126234, but I think it's really good.

Personally, I really like this atmosphere of the previous generation Datejust 16234.

Oyster case that is light, simple, luxurious and can be used everyday. I have nothing to say.

However, the current Jubilee bracelet has a high-class feel and is amazing (it's really good), so this is where I'm at a loss. .

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