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SEIKO 6159-7001 300m Diver - Arbitro
New Arrival

Seiko 6159-7001 300m Jiver

SEIKO 6159-7001 300m Diver / Seiko 300m divers are newly arrived.

This watch, called the 300m diver, was introduced in 1968.

A model equipped with a high-beat movement of 10 vibrations (36,000 vibrations) in a one-piece case without a back cover, which is extremely rare at that time, and is one of Seiko's representative diver's watches.

High reliability was proved by wearing this 300m diver when adventurer Naomi Uemura and mountaineer Matsuura Teruo succeeded in climbing Everest for the first time as a Japanese in 1970. ..

Having such a historical story is a factor that tickles your heart, but the design is simply cool, isn't it?

The case size is 44mm, which is big if you look only at the numbers, but due to the curved design, it feels the same size as the Rolex Submariner when you actually wear it.

If you have an arm circumference of about 15.5 cm or more, I think you can do it at all.

The product page will be produced from now on, but you can see it at the store.

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11/26(金)は仕入れのため店舗はお休みです。 - Arbitro

The store is closed on 11/26 (Friday) due to purchase.

Tomorrow, the store will be closed for purchase on November 26th (Friday). For inquiries, please use the Instagram message, inquiry form, or email.

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GRAND SEIKO 6146-8010 唐草文字盤 3面カットガラス - Arbitro
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