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GRAND SEIKO 6146-8010 唐草文字盤 3面カットガラス - Arbitro
Watch Review

GRAND SEIKO 6146-8010 Arabesque dial 3-sided cut glass

New arrival. GRAND SEIKO 6146-8010 Arabesque dial 3-sided cut glass. The arabesque dial, which is quite rare among 61GS, has arrived.

This 6146-8010 was manufactured for only one year from 1969 to 1970.

What is an arabesque dial? You may think that, because the letters GS are surrounded by arabesque patterns, they are called arabesque dials.

Applied (typesetting) "SEIKO" and "GS" are silver colors as shown in the above picture. Depending on how light is reflected, it may appear blackish.

The cut design of the case is also time-consuming. The lug part is cut at different angles. This is the point where this multifaceted cut looks three-dimensional. Moreover, this watch has three sides of cut glass. The dial is also three-dimensional.

Satin finish with vertical streaks and mirror finish on the horizontal part.

GS mark crown. There is a slight scratch on the edge of the glass at 6 o'clock, but it is not so noticeable, so it does not bother me when I see it.

If you look at the edge of the rug, you can see that it is a multi-faceted cut? You can see how much Seiko puts effort into this watch because it takes time and effort for these parts.

The medal on the back cover is almost in a beautiful state.


The 61GS equipped with the Cal.6100 series, the first 10-vibration self-winding movement made in Japan, which is the 5th generation of Grand Seiko.

10 vibration means that the "temp", which can be said to be the heart of a mechanical watch, vibrates 10 times per second, and it vibrates 36,000 in one hour, so it is called high beat 36000.

Since a general watch has a movement of 21,600 vibrations / hour or 28,800 vibrations / hour, it is possible to obtain stable accuracy at a very high frequency.

Of course, if the frequency is increased, the wear of parts will increase and the risk of failure will increase.

The problem of durability was put together by Seiko's technology at the time, and it was released in the middle of 1968 as a watch with durability that can withstand practical use.

As the first domestically produced self-winding high-beat watch, it is one of the watches that remains in Seiko's history along with the hand-wound high-beat 45GS.

It can be said that it is the model that became the basis of the mechanical high beat 36000 that is also used in the current GS.

It has a simple and beautiful appearance based on the design principle "Seiko style" such as multi-faceted index. The case size of

36mm is just right for Japanese thin arms.

Overhauled at Matsuno Clock Shop. At that time, the packing is replaced. The case is intentionally left unpolished.

The product page is yet to come.

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