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Vacheron Constantin Historic 92239 YG Roman Dial is in stock.

ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル

Ref.92239 was sold as a "Les Historiques" collection in the 90's. This historic piece still exists in the Vacheron Constantin collection, selling a modern brush-up of the brand's iconic timepiece, which has been around since 1755.

This historic collection is basically made of materials such as platinum, pink gold and yellow gold. Recently, following the review of stainless steel materials, we are producing the finest watches while adopting stainless steel.

ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル

Because it is a brand that has continued as a manufacturer since its founding in 1755, detailed specifications, blueprints, and parts data remain for all models. It can be said that it is the oldest watch brand in the world that has continued uninterrupted since its establishment.

As for how much things are left, 1500 watches such as pocket watches, watches and table clocks, 800 kinds of machines and tools used in the workshop, furniture at the time of establishment, etc. remain in Vacheron Constantin. There seems to be.

Founder of Vacheron Constantin Jean-Marc Vachelon It's amazing because even documents such as the baptismal certificate still exist.

What kind of person is the founder Jean-Marc Vachelon? I think that. A brief introduction.

Jean-Marc Vachelon was born in Geneva, Switzerland, the youngest of five siblings of textile craftsmen. He was taught the color of business by his father from an early age. And in 1755, Jean-Marc Vachelon started his watch studio at the age of 24. This watch studio was the beginning of the ongoing Vacheron Constantin in 2022.

This is Vacheron Constantin's 267th year, but don't you care what the brand name comes from? I know Vacheron because it's named Jean-Marc Vacheron, but where did Constantin come from? I think that. The story shifts to Jack Barthelmy Vashron, who took over the management from 1810.

After Jack Barthelmy Vashlon took the lead, he began to manufacture more complex watches and export to France and Italy with his technical capabilities.

Meanwhile, I met François Constantin, a businessman from Geneva who was the same age as Jack Barthelmy Vacheron. This Francois Constantin also hit it off with Jack Barthelmy Vacheron because he thought he needed a complicated and sophisticated watch from now on. As a result, the brand "Vacheron et Contantin" was created.

This solved the mystery. The name Vacheron Constantin was a combination of the name of the Vacheron clan and Constantin. By the way, in 1970, the "&" of Vacheron & Constantin disappeared, and it became the current "Vacheron Constantin".

François Constantin seems to have been a pretty capable businessman, traveling all over the world and expanding into the United States and Asia as well as Europe. It's an ideal form that combines technological and sales capabilities.

With the birth of this Vacheron & Constantin brand, there is another well-known anecdote. Just a few weeks after the brand was born, François Constantin sent a letter from Turin, Italy, to his new partner, Jack Barthelmy Vacheron, on July 5, 1819. The following phrase, which later became the brand's creed (company motto), was written there.

"I will do my best, at least it is possible to try."

This has been passed down to Vacheron Constantin for more than 260 years.

ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル

The case diameter is 33 mm. I think there are many people who want this size of vintage hand-wound watches.

ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル

Gold x white x black coloring. The balance between a simple bar hand and a small second is good.

ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル
A stepped step was created Called a stepped bezel design. This step gives a three-dimensional effect. The hands are thin and long, making it suitable for calling it a dress watch. The crown is also designed to fit the stepped bezel.
ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル
The rug is also characteristic. The longer rugs make it more dressy.
ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル
After all, this thinness is amazing. This is largely due to the movement, but thanks to Cal.1014, which was brushed up by Vacheron Constantin based on Jaeger-LeCoultre's Cal.818.
ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル

When combined with accessories like this, it may be good to have a sense of unity as a whole. Black x gold is a favorite coloring with a sense of luxury and calmness.

ヴァシュロン・コンスタンタン ヒストリーク 92239 YG ローマンダイアル

The same reference 92239 has the same case size, but the impression you get is completely different.

Simple hand-wound watches have various brands, ages, designs, etc. and are profound. It's up to each person to choose what they are based on, but there's still a reason for what's called good, a brand that lasts for hundreds of years.

Speaking of Vacheron Constantin, the luxury sports watch Overseas is now famous, but if you look at it in the history of 267 years, it was made in 1977 to commemorate the 222nd anniversary of its founding "222". It's been about 45 years since then. (Although it's still long enough)

After all, the core of the brand is the high technology that has continued since the era of pocket watches and has complicated mechanisms such as enamel processing by craftsmen, guilloche, Côtes de Genève decoration, chronograph, perpetual calendar and minute repeater. What is it?

In any genre, really good ones have a reasonable price. The same is true for watches, and it is unavoidable that the price reflects the labor of craftsmen and the quality of materials and products that are applied to one watch.

Above all, the number of watches made like Vacheron Constantin is extremely small compared to Omega and Rolex, and the number on the market is also small, which leads to its rarity.

I think vintage watches have the fun of buying something like the romance of "time," just like wine and whiskey. Why don't you buy something that can only be made in that era and feel the joy of using it?

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