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WATCHES ARCHIVE / 時計のアーカイブ - Arbitro


For those who want a vintage watch but "I haven't decided I want this yet" or "I'm just curious about what kind of watch I have", one is one. There should be a watch you like.

Introducing the origin (history) of this watch and this model for each watch, and the features of the watch.

I made an archive of watches sold at Albitro.

There are many photos that I actually wore, so it is a content that allows you to objectively see the appearance and atmosphere when you wear it on your wrist. (The arm circumference of the model is about 16.5 cm)

The price is the price at the time of sale, so please consider it as a reference. The price of vintage watches varies depending on the condition and the situation at that time. However, since the number is limited (especially the ones in good condition), is it possible that the price will be lower in the future even considering that? It's like that.

However, vintage watches are one-of-a-kind when they come out. If the watch you've been looking for for a long time meets your requirements, do it as soon as possible.

" WATCHES ARCHIVE / Clock Archive "

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GRAND SEIKO 5646-7005を買取しました - Arbitro

I bought GRAND SEIKO 5646-7005

I bought Grand Seiko 5646-7005. We received a request for assessment from our form and it became a flow of purchase. This 56GS was my grandfather's watch and was kept for a long time. The case i...

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AUDEMARS PIGUET Classique 4029 YG Champagne Linen Dial - Arbitro
Watch Review

AUDEMARS PIGUET Classique 4029 YG Champagne Linen Dial

AUDEMARS PIGUET Ref.4029 18K YG Champagne linen dials are in stock. This watch has an archive ( PDF ). Recently, it seems that they do not publish paper archives, but publish archives as non-...

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