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GRAND SEIKO 5646-7005を買取しました - Arbitro

I bought GRAND SEIKO 5646-7005

I bought Grand Seiko 5646-7005. We received a request for assessment from our form and it became a flow of purchase.

This 56GS was my grandfather's watch and was kept for a long time. The case is in good condition because it was stored carefully.

There was a slight defect in the calendar, but the others were generally in a beautiful state, so I tried my best to purchase the price.

Even if it is malfunctioning, you can buy it, so please feel free to contact us.

The 56 series movement has many failures because the parts that fast forward the calendar are made of plastic, but the parts are being replaced with metal reinforced parts. Also, the windshield has some small scratches, so I will put it out after arranging the area.

Actually, the exact same Grand Seiko (GS) 5646-7005 is under maintenance. Originally white like the clock on the right, the linen dial has changed to orange. This is also under maintenance, so I think it will be released next month.

GRAND SEIKO 5646-7005 has a nice rounded case design when viewed from the front. Also, there is no other linen dial, which is good.

The 56GS is characterized by high-precision automatic winding, but the case is thin because it is thin. It feels good when you wear it. The 36mm case diameter is just the right size, not too big and not too small.

I will introduce it when I come back again.

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